Hello Friday! You are looking especially nice today!


We made it to Friday!! Woo-Hoo! The sun is shining brightly and I am wearing shorts. Okay, they are gym shorts but they count.

This has been a week. I have not watched any anxiety-inducing news shows. I have started Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek. Finished The Witcher, and Dracula. I wasn’t impressed with Dracula. I like my vampires more refined.

I just finished An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham from St. Martin’s and I am so happy I was home alone because I cried like a baby! This one has all the feels and is so timely.

We are already looking toward Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. Photoshoots are coming together for both. Since OU Boy’s birthday is February 21st, it will be a King Cake birthday!

We lost his aunt this week. She is about 59 or was. This one I didn’t know too well. All I know is she has been dying for the 17 years I’ve known the family and I still don’t know why. His sweet Uncle Kevin was in a diabetic coma for a bit but is doing some better. Turns out he found out he was a diabetic a while back and never told anyone, including his wife! I would not want to be around when she gets done with him!

There has been a lot of sadness this week, so this weekend just blast the world with love.

Enjoy and be kind.

xx P


I Love You…yes You..with all of your faults, scars, and imperfections.

Here it is the weekend already! Do you know how hard it is to really love yourself? Is it because only you really know those deep, hidden corners where all the ugly stuff hides?

Trust me, whatever it is that is keeping you from loving yourself, someone has done worse. Much worse. So, close your eyes and open those mental doors and windows and air that crap out. Shoo! Out the door! Be Gone!  Brush it right out and slam the door shut!

Loving yourself doesn’t make you selfish or self-absorbed. There is always, always something inside every one of us that is worth love. Look in that mirror and say I Love You…yes You..with all of your faults, scars, and imperfections. When you love yourself, loving others becomes so much easier. It’s a choice. Everyday. Every morning I take off my little plastic eye cup and look right in that eye and say ” Good Morning, Oh my gosh you are so beautiful! We are going to do such great things together!” ” You are strong, you are fierce, you are brave.”

And if you need some help let me know and I’ll tell you all the lovely things about your!

xx  Much love Patricia