Time For Some Tea!

Here it is December 13 and not a hint of winter. Do I care why? Nope. I wore flip-flops to the nail salon. Happy as can be. I hope your weather is behaving itself and staying in it’s own yard.

I am not exaggerating when I say this has been a rough couple of months. Let’s start with the entire OU nation losing it’s mind over Lincoln Riley hopping a jet to USC. I had told OU Boy this was going to happen weeks ago. Did. Not. Listen. Awe! Shock! And to lose to OSU and not get in any playoffs. Players were jumping through that transfer portal like it was the door to Narnia! We started playing fire the coach. It was amusing until Bama gave us UGA folks our first loss. Oh well. Such is football. But it’s not over yet boys!

Next up was OU boy sneezing and hurting his back. Sciatica. Oh, the moaning and crying and the doctor just told him Welcome to your 40’s! Then Thanksgiving where I was so hoping not to be alone as that is the day one year ago we found my mother on the floor of her apartment. She lived until December 5th. It was a tough time for my sisters and I . But no, one family wasn’t vaccinated so we did not go. I was furious. The man that wasn’t is now in ICU on a ventilator after basically killing his 95-year-old grandmother. She died in the room next to his, while his daughter was in Labor and Delivery giving birth to a cutie little girl. Grandpa got sick and was in hospital as well but his was a heart issue and he is now home and they are ready to draw that line in the dirt. No vax. No come in. Then yesterday another uncle died. So it’s been insane.

So, we’ve been on the road for weeks at hospitals, the farm and back to town. We had our boosters last Wednesday and I ran a fever of 103 for two days and felt like crap. But then I slept 10 hours and felt fine. I also got put in Twitter jail for three days for saying something true to our governor.

If it wasn’t for copious amounts of tea, I would probably be in jail right now. But the end is in sight and I’m keeping my eye on that. I am done with all of my 2021 reading and reviews and most of 2022.

Good Stuff? Well we tried out a cute little cafe’ Saturday in Bethany. The Stray Dog. It had actual metal dog bowl with paws on them full of popcorn. But oh lord, those hotdogs! Deep-fried hotdog wrapped in bacon! Such simple goodness. I will definitely be back. Especially since it’s on the way to the kayak dock. They had a lovely antique mall that smelled like peppermint and a hug.

I hope y’all have had an easier time than we have. And have more responsible relatives. Stay safe and warm, my friends.

xx P


It’s been a minute since we’ve talked. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

The amount of tea that has been consumed in my house is ridiculous! And for some reason, we are really loving any Peach Ginger combinations. My favorite is Harney and Sons but Bigelow and Tazo have some nice ones as well. Baking seems to be a popular activity now that people have time at home. I went to the open-air farmer’s market last weekend and brought home such nice vegetables and fruits. Plus my baking lady had finally perfected her Snickerdoodle Bread. It’s a quick bread, like banana bread and such and it was good. After making some Chai to go with it I had a lightbulb moment and decided to do a Chai Bread. Brilliant.

I have a freezer full of baked goods and premade meals. My house is spotless, my car is clean, the refrigerator even got a scrub! From ceiling to floor, it’s been disinfected. I planted my garden and all of my herbs are doing great. Especially the mints.

We have been going camping every week. Leaving Thursday afternoon and returning on Sunday. We plan to visit every lake and state park. So far we have done Lake Murray, which is amazing. Shawnee Twin Lakes, Arbuckle Mountains and we have reservations for Ft. Cobb State Park for tomorrow through Sunday. We will meet up with the grands and do some boating and fishing. The SUV is packed and ready to go. All I need to do is pack the cooler and we are out of here.

The gym opened yesterday and we were the only ones there and it felt wonderful!

A sweet treat that is better than the one at Tropical Smoothie Cafe’. I tossed watermelon, mint from my garden and ice. Boom! Watermelon Smoothie.Full of Vitamin C and it is so good! We have made quite a few smoothies with strawberries we are getting now from Bootstrap Farm.

Today we are off to ride bikes. Stay safe and Be well!

xx P



I hope you are all having a calm and peaceful Friday. It’s sunny and 60 degrees today. Holidays are over and hopefully cooler heads will prevail in the world. I have the perfect tea for calming your blood pressure!

I didn’t even know that. My favorite neighbor brought me a few little gift baskets over the past couple of days. There were several teas and she told me this one has blood pressure-lowering abilities. It’s caffeine-free with ruby red hibiscus and sweet blackberry leaf. It fills your mouth with tastes of fruit and citrus notes. And that color!

I love the eco-friendly packaging with no strings, staples or tags. And it is unbleached. A perfect tea for Valentines’ Day Teas. It is just as good iced as it is hot too. Trust me I’ve already bought several of their teas.

Well, now we are under a tornado warning, so stay safe!