In the Lion's Den (House of Falconer #2)


The House of Falconer #2

James and his Uncle are back in the second House of Falconer book. While his uncle is busy with the newspaper, James has gone from working in the shop of Henry Malvern to being Malverns managing director.

From 1889 to 1892 we watch as James goes through the good, the bad, and the jaw-dropping with all of the poise we love him for, as his feelings toward Alexis go from disapproval to romance. But James has recently been in touch with Georgina Ward and she has a secret to share.

All at once his carefully plotted life plan is turned upside down. The question is will he be the better for it or not.

I would recommend reading book one first, so you know the backstory.  Has there ever been a bad BTB book? NO.

I hope we will see more of this character!

Well Done!

NetGalley/October 6th, 2020 by St. Martin’s Press




Montauk by Nicola Harrison *Blog Tour* Giveaway!

Harrison - Cover Art (1)

Montauk, Long Island in the year 1938 is where anyone who is anyone will be summering. Away from the heat of the city. Fresh ocean breezes and a small fishing village and even a lighthouse.

Beatrice Bordeaux is a young woman from the countryside of Pennsylvania.
Swept off of her feet by the charming Harry, they have been married five years and yet still have no children.

The elite of society corral their nannies and children and head to the Manor for the summer. Beatrice thinks she may like being by the ocean all summer until her charming husband tells her he isn’t staying. He will be coming on the weekends, which gradually just stops after she catches him cheating.

While it looks as though the Junior League has just moved locations, with meetings and fund-raisers and a whole lot of backstabbing, cheating, drinking and behaving badly. Bea befriends Elizabeth, who lives in town and does laundry for the Manor. And through Elizabeth, she meets a man unlike any she has ever met and before long things are getting pretty serious.

Beatrice is noticing the behavior of the city dwellers with their noses in the air and is not happy with it. As her love for her lighthouse keeper grows so does her guilt. But I did not expect that ending!

I did get upset with Beatrice a few times. But then I thought, it is 1938, and divorce wasn’t looked on as well as just putting on a brave face and having affairs of one’s own. In the beginning, her timidness irritated me. Until she found a way to address the situation in Montauk and what was really going on there. In the end, she was a strong and independent woman.

Well Done!

Netgalley/June 4th, 2019 by St. Martin’s Press

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The Night Before

This story is told in dual timelines. The night before and the day after.

There is also a conversation from months ago with what looks to be her therapist. Laura is angry, self-destructive and obsessed with finding love.

We find out bits and pieces seen through the eyes of Laura as well as her sister Rose.

Laura grew up believing her father loved Rose more. And then he left. Is Laura simply not loveable? She has a pattern of falling for unavailable men and then exploding when they don’t commit. So when her latest relationship is over, she heads home to Rose and Joe. The first thing she does is sign up for a dating app. When she doesn’t come home after one date, Rose isn’t sure who she is more frightened for. Laura or John.

As Rose, Joe and best bud, Gabe search for Laura, long-buried secrets come bubbling to the surface. Did any of them really know the others? The past seen through the eyes of all of them is quite different. But who is right?

This one sent me in so many different directions! It was like trying to untie a complicated knot! There were secrets inside of secrets and when it all came to a head at the end I was left sitting there with my mouth hanging open! What???

Netgalley/ May 14th 2019 by St. Martin’s Press






An Anonymous Girl

The next novel of psychological suspense and obsession from the authors of the blockbuster bestseller The Wife Between Us

Seeking women ages 18–32 to participate in a study on ethics and morality. Generous compensation. Anonymity guaranteed. 

Jessica Farris is a make-up artist. Not a lucrative job when you are just starting out. But her fate changes the day she goes to make up a girl named Taylor. Taylor has signed up for a study. That pays a lot! When she can’t be bothered to show up, Jess takes advantage and slides her way into the study.

Morals and Ethics questions force her to face some of her past behavior and then it’s over. Until the psychiatrist running the study decides to offer her a job testing the fidelity of men basically. The money is great but  something isn’t adding up and she is starting to feel that this could end badly.

This is one of those books that you need to read yourself. It jumped to the top of my list as soon as it landed in my inbox!  If you are a fan of The Wife Between Us by these authors you will really enjoy this one.

Never has the phrase Not What I Signed Up For been more appropriate! But this was manipulation at its finest!

Well Done!    Netgalley/January 8th 2019 by St. Martin’s Press


BOOMER1 by Daniel Torday


Bluegrass musician, former journalist and editor, and now PhD in English, Mark Brumfeld has arrived at his thirties with significant debt and no steady prospects. His girlfriend Cassie—a punk bassist in an all-female band, who fled her Midwestern childhood for a new identity—finds work at a “new media” company. When Cassie refuses his marriage proposal, Mark leaves New York and returns to the basement of his childhood home in the Baltimore suburbs.

Desperate and humiliated, Mark begins to post a series of online video monologues that critique Baby Boomers and their powerful hold on the job market. But as his videos go viral, and while Cassie starts to build her career, Mark loses control of what he began—with consequences that ensnare them in a matter of national security.

Told through the perspectives of Mark, Cassie, and Mark’s mother, Julia, a child of the ’60s whose life is more conventional than she ever imagined, Boomer1 is timely, suspenseful, and in every line alert to the siren song of endless opportunity that beckons and beguiles all of us.

I enjoyed the premise of this book. Why are so many millennials moving home and not being able to find jobs? Why are these people so angry at baby boomers?

Told through the eyes of Mark,Cassie and Mark’s mother we have voices of all generations.

One thing that bothered me was the huge words over and over again. Not necessary. I felt like a lot of this should have been edited better as Mark comes off as out of touch and entitled. Cassie is more go with the flow and Julia certainly doesn’t want her adult son living down in her basement making videos that have her being followed by the Feds.

While I can understand the angst of not being able to find a job, what exactly did he expect to do with a liberal arts degree, if not teach. He says there are no jobs. While right here where I live they are begging for teachers.

Unfortunately not every book clicks with a reader and this one had so many 6 syllable words that it just felt off. They didn’t mesh with the story well.

Give it a try. You may like it.

Negalley/St.Martin’s Press September 18th



Feared (Rosato & DiNunzio, #6)

Number 6 in the Rosato & DiNunzio Series

Mary, Bennie and Judy are back and so is Nick Machiavelli. And boy can that guy hold a grudge! Having been bested by Mary, he is out for revenge.

For starters, they and the firm have been hit with a reverse discrimination lawsuit, claiming they only hire women. As the women are reeling from that accusation they find out that one of their own has had an unwitting part in the lawsuit.

When he is found dead in his apartment, secrets begin to pop out of the woodwork! Judy has been secretly dating him for months and is now the prime suspect in his murder. While trying to keep the clients they have and solve the murder of their friend and associate, Mary is trying not to go into labor and is determined to fight her nemesis with every trick in her bag. Of course that means turning to the family. The Tony’s are a fount of information, but as their biggest and latest client drops them, will it even matter what they find out?

Will there even be a law firm when Nick is through with them? Or will the ladies do what they do best and outsmart the devious attorney?

This was a great read as always and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this new dynamic of Mary being a mother!

Netgalley/August 14th 2018 by St. Martin’s Press


She Was the Quiet One by Michelle Campbell


She Was the Quiet One: A Novel by [Campbell, Michele]

From the author of It’s Always The Husband comes a new thriller set on a boarding school campus.

With the death of their parents, twins Rose and Bel Enright are sent to live with their father’s mother. Their Grandmother they barely know. The wealthy woman outfits them with the latest clothes and send them off to her old alma mater, The Odell School, a prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire.

At the school they are separated and put in different floors with new roommates. Rose is the smart one. Plain Jane and not at all popular she is just trying to fit in and get along. She loves the school and her advisor Sarah Donovan.

Bel, not know for hard work or studies falls in with an older, popular and vicious crowd. She even turns her anger to Rose. She hates school but loves her advisor, Heath Donovan. See where I’m going with this? The girls couldn’t be more different.

Wanting so badly to be accepted, Bel does anything the older, wealthy and seemingly untouchable girls demand of her. And they are vicious. Even when it comes to her sister, Bel can’t stop.

Mr. Donovan has a secret. He plagiarized a book and got caught. They are lucky to have found this teaching position and to have been named Dorm Heads. But Heath has loftier goals. He has his sights on the Headmaster’s job.

But he has a very dark side, which all of the girls will discover. When there is a murder on campus, questions begin and we see the ugly side of what money can do to a person. But who killed who and who was in on it? The answers will having you pulling your children out of boarding school and questioning a lot of things.

Well Done!

Netgalley/July 31st 2018 by St. Martin’s Press



Before and Again

Mackenzie Cooper took her eyes off the road for just a moment but the resulting collision was enough to rob her not only of her beloved daughter but ultimately of her marriage, family, and friends―and thanks to the nonstop media coverage, even her privacy. Now she lives in Vermont under the name Maggie Reid, in a small house with her cats and dog. She’s thankful for the new friends she’s made―though she can’t risk telling them too much. And she takes satisfaction in working as a makeup artist at the luxurious local spa, helping clients hide the visible outward signs of their weariness, illnesses, and injuries. Covering up scars is a skill she has mastered.

Her only goal is to stay under the radar and make it through her remaining probation. But she isn’t the only one in this peaceful town with secrets. When a friend’s teenage son is thrust into the national spotlight, accused of hacking a powerful man’s Twitter account, Maggie is torn between pulling away and protecting herself―or stepping into the glare to be at their side. As the stunning truth behind their case is slowly revealed, Maggie’s own carefully constructed story begins to unravel as well. She knows all too well that what we need from each other in this difficult world is comfort. But to provide it, sometimes we need to travel far outside our comfort zones.

Very few people can pull every emotion you have out of you in one afternoon. My heart ached for Maggie and the enormous amount of guilt she is living with. Still a few months shy of her probation being over, she has a decision to make. Will she protect her self and her own heart or will she stand by her friend?

This town of Devon that Maggie has claimed as her own safe space is full of characters hiding from something. And when her ex-husband shows up she is sure one of them must leave. She has built a protective shell around her heart and he is determined to break through.

With twists and turns around every corner I couldn’t stop reading. I’m glad I read this.

Very Well Done!

Netgalley/ June 26th 2018 by St. Martin’s Press

THE FIRST FAMILY by Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer

The First Family

A riveting new medical thriller from the critically acclaimed novelists.

Cam Hilliard is, in addition to being the President’s sixteen-year-old son, a chess prodigy. A year into President Hilliard’s second term Cam inexplicably stops playing the game he loved and becomes withdrawn. The First Lady is convinced that the senior White House physician is wrong in diagnosing Cam’s issue as a psychological one, and she demands that Dr. Lee Blackwood be brought on to provide a second opinion. Lee’s opinion is dismissed, until Cam’s spleen ruptures and it becomes obvious that something is horribly wrong.

Lee informs the President and First Lady that to make a diagnosis they need to find other people with the same symptoms to conduct additional testing. From there, it’s possible to identify the gene defects and correlate those to the missing enzymes. Only then can a diagnosis be made and treatment begun. For now, they must face the harsh reality that Cam’s genes are producing a mutation that appears to be entirely new to science.

As Lee delves into this medical mystery, he comes to believe Cam is not the first case of this presentation of an inborn error of metabolism. But when two young people Lee has found, each with exceptional gifts, are murdered, Cam’s condition suddenly takes on a terrifyingly new dimension. Is someone out to murder the President’s son? If so, why? As Lee searches for answers he will uncover unimaginable secrets and dark betrayals that breach the highest levels of security.

Oh my what a thrill ride this was. The writing of this father/son duo is so easy to read. There were no good places to pause on this one. If you blinked you missed some important clue.

Things start to go wrong with Cam and no one can figure out why. The White House physician is suggesting therapy but this guy is shady at best and I did not have a good feeling about him.

Karen, the ex-wife of Lee Blackwood is head of security for the first family and when things just don’t feel right, she suggests an outside consult with Lee. Lee is convinced there is something medically wrong here, but gets a lot of push back from the doctor as well as from the president. The doctor and the president have long been friends and their sons are as well.

To be perfectly honest, about 13% in I smugly thought I had figured out who was the bad guy and who was the good guy. Let me just say I was so wrong.

I could not read this fast enough. Because it is possible. And that is what has you questioning a lot of things right here in the real world.

Great job to the Palmers! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

NetGalley/St.Martins  April 17, 2018


After Anna

Nobody cuts deeper than family…

Noah Alderman, a doctor and a widower, has remarried a wonderful woman, Maggie, and for the first time in a long time he and his son are happy. But their lives are turned upside down when Maggie’s daughter Anna moves in with them. Anna is a gorgeous seventeen-year-old who balks at living under their rules though Maggie, ecstatic to have her daughter back, ignores the red flags that hint at the trouble that is brewing. Events take a deadly turn when Anna is murdered and Noah is accused of the crime. Maggie must face not only the devastation of losing her only daughter, but the realization that her daughter’s murder was at the hands of a husband she loves. New information sends Maggie searching for the truth, leading her to discover something darker than she could have ever imagined.

It’s always a wild ride with Scottoline! And After Anna is no exception.

The book is told Before Anna and After Anna. Maggie had a hard time after giving birth to Anna and had bad postpartum psychosis. While she was receiving help her husband divorced her and took the baby off to France. There has been no contact since. When out of the blue a girl calls and says she is her daughter and her father is dead now.

Maggie is ecstatic to get a second chance at motherhood with Anna. Which I’m assuming is why she is completely oblivious to the Danger! Danger! signs. Feeling her own guilt for not having been a part of Anna’s life she overlooks things that the rest of saw coming a mile off.

The pace is fast and it is a page turner. Anna is about as unlikable and shady as one could be. Manipulative as heck and you will have to read it to find out why!

NetGalley/St.Martin’sPress  April 10, 2018