GRANDGHOST BY Nancy Springer

Grandghost: A Haunted House Mystery

When she unearths the bones of a young child, Beverly Vernon’s life is transformed in ways she never expected. 

Beverly Vernon is a widow who moved to Florida and is trying to adjust to the lifestyle, the language and the tea as sweet as candy!

With both of her daughters still living up north, she is on her own, with her art. She illustrates children’s books with lovely, imaginative arts. But boy would she like some grandchildren!

She is trying so hard to make sense of what her place in the world is now and when she unearths a child’s body in her back yard she gets way more excitement than she bargained for!

Obviously the poor thing met with an unkind end and she decides to paint a portrait of what the child may have looked like all those years ago. Only the painting she leaves on the easel is not the one she finds in the morning. It just may be that the child has never left the house and is trying to communicate with her.

With both daughters believing their mother has lost her marbles and her holier than though neighbor trying to get her committed to the loony bin, Beverly charges full steam ahead and tracks down this childs family with the help of some great characters.

Although this could be a ghost story it was more the story of child abuse and secrets. Secrets that ruin entire families and how by reaching out to strangers can change their life and yours. This was a heart breaking tale as well as a heart warming tale of faith, acceptance, love and making a new family.

Very nicely done. Not what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it!

NetGalley/Severn House August 01, 2018

August 1st 2018 by Severn House Publishers


Sign of the Cross (Cal Donovan #1)

Introducing Harvard professor Cal Donovan in the first of an intriguing new series of religious conspiracy thrillers. 

Responding to an urgent summons from the Vatican, Harvard professor of religion and archaeology, Cal Donovan, flies to Italy to interview a young priest who has developed the stigmata of the crucifixion. Stunned to discover that the priest’s condition may be genuine, Cal determines to uncover the cause of the mysterious wounds.

But Cal is not the only one. When Giovanni is kidnapped from his church at dead of night, Cal comes to realize that the priest holds the key to an earth-shattering secret: a secret which a shadowy nationalist organization is desperate to control. Teaming up with Giovanni’s sister Irene, Cal must unravel the mystery and track down Giovanni in a perilous race against the clock … before an apocalyptic catastrophe is unleashed.

I do love a good religious conspiracy book! Especially one so well researched.

As a Catholic and a History teacher the subject matter was very interesting. We all know the Nazi’s made off with a lot of holy relics and artifacts. Remember the movie The Monument Men? And it’s quite easy in this day and age to imagine those bad guys are still out there trying to take things that don’t belong to them and they have no problem killing anyone in their way.

Full of suspense, rich in history and fast paced action will draw you in and keep you biting your lip!

Cal is a good character. Funny, a bit of a drinker and yet can still hold his own with the Pope. He is like a Catholic Indiana Jones! And I loved every minute of this book.

Netgalley/Severn House May 01, 2018



Whisper the Dead: A Cotsworld Village Mystery

This is the 5th book in this series.

When Alex Duggins comes across a terrifying scene at the site of a new housing development, once again she is drawn into a case of brutal murder. 

A new year arrives and winter holds Britain’s Cotswold Hills in its icy grip once more. But it’s the construction of a new housing development that’s causing the residents of Folly-on-Weir most concern. As she passes the site late one afternoon, pub owner Alex Duggins is confronted by the terrifying scene of a construction trailer on fire and a man desperately trying to break the door down.

Her efforts to help – and the subsequent findings of the police forensic pathologist – draw Alex and her friend Tony Harrison into a major murder investigation whose tentacles will reach right to the heart of the tight-knit Folly community – and into Alex’s own past …

Alex and her mother Lily have a close relationship, but there have always been things her mother just won’t talk about. While she knows a little of the past, her mother and the people who knew her when Alex was a baby aren’t talking about it either.

After all the chatter around the pub about the new development, Alex takes a drive to see for herself. After almost getting run off the road on the way, she is definitely not expecting to find a fire and someone injured!

From there the oddest characters seem to be coming out of the woodwork! Everyone is acting odd and Alex is determined to find out why and who is frightening her mother?

I really enjoy Brit Lit. And I like this series. And there is a shocker of an ending! Eagerly awaiting the next one!

NetGalley/Severn House  April 01,2018