19th Century in Mexico. Carlota Moreau is a young lady who has never been beyond her own home in the Yucatan peninsula. It is a large estate and there is much rebel conflict around them. Carlota is lonely and curious. Why do they never have company? Why must they hide?

Well her father is either a mad scientist or a genius. We all know what he is.

Her father has hired a new assistant, Montgomery Laughton, a man who has lost his way. His wife left him, his money is gone and he can’t stop drinking. Owing money to the landlord of the island, he will be working with the doctor with the hybrids.

Hybrids? Yes, mixing a little bit of this DNA and a little bit of that DNA and you have some seriously messed up ‘hybrids’. Bred for working the fields. Most are hideously deformed but two have come out fairly well. And those two become friends with Carlota.

They are living life the only way they know how to live it. And then, the owner’s son, Eduardo, shows up with his band of troublemakers, and from there everything goes south fast. Carlota has a lot of questions for her father and she is not going to like the answers. Risking her own life, she will help the hybrids and bring about an end to the madness.

Great historical and rather science fiction too.

NetGalley/ July 19, 2022 RHPG


“You are the next step in human evolution.”

Logan Ramsay works for the Gene Police. They shut down unscrupulous gene-editing labs so what happened with Logan’s mother, never happens again. While Logan spent a little time in prison for what happened, his mother chose to drive off a cliff.

During a raid gone bad, Logan is infected with something. When he wakes up he feels different. More aware. And has a deep ache in his bones. When his boss finds out, he is put in isolation. Lockdown really. But he keeps evolving. Getting stronger, needing less sleep, able to give his full attention to more than one thing at a time. His genome has been hacked.

This isn’t a random attack. This goes way back. But is it even possible? His mother died, right? Unable to do much but answer questions and submit to tests, his abilities just get stronger. Until someone breaks him out. And that someone is his sister. He hasn’t seen her in a while but apparently, she got the upgrade as well. And now she wants to continue her mother’s work. Logan does not. With an uneasy truce between them, they head off to find their mother and the truth.

What she will set in motion could kill millions of people and maybe save the planet. But is the cost too high? Logan thinks it is.

I am not a SciFi reader, except when it comes to this author. I have no idea how he comes up with this stuff, but I can tell you why I fully immerse myself in each book. I felt every change. The tension and heartbreak he carries from leaving his family for the good of the world. You are right there with him. Urging him on and wondering if I would do the same thing.

His books are so good because there is a real possibility that this could happen. And that is scary. Maybe we will all have to evolve into something more to ensure our species survives. And now I can’t stop thinking about that.

NetGalley/ July 12th, 2022 by Ballantine Books

They Somebody People by Bob Proehl

The Somebody People

This is the sequel to The Nobody People. There is very little backstory so it’s probably best if you have read that one first.

It’s seven years after The Pulse, and by now you are either a Resonant or not.

And that is pretty much all I know as I couldn’t get into this one.

If you are a SciFi fan, this is your book. People who read them both love books. I just could not keep everyone straight.

NetGalley/September 1st, 2020 by Del Rey Books