Home Sweet Home by Fern Michaels, Donna Kauffman, and Melissa Storm

Home Sweet Home

Three great stories in one book! With my favorite writers.

Fern Michaels: THREE’S A CROWDΒ Β has Samantha Stewart coming home with more than she left with. An overseas reporter who hasn’t been home in years is bringing with her a huge surprise for her mom and dad. A grandchild! But the how and the when and the why are complicated. A nice story of what home is and who it is.

Donna Kauffman: NEW BEGINNINGS IN BLUE HOLLOW FALLSΒ has our Katie MacMillan back in Blue Hollow Falls to help her sister get ready to have her baby. What no one knows is she is staying. Or she was until she found out her biggest crush is in town and it looks like she may get a second chance at love while Declan finds a home. Beautiful. I am a big fan of Blue Hollow Falls and all the folks who live there!

Melissa Storm: BRING ME HOMEΒ Β Hazel Long is spending time with her father. He is bedridden and the time they spend is sad and happy. The people at the hospital are kind and friendly. Especially one of the male nurses. Hazel’s dad begins telling her about her mother. A mother Hazel didn’t really know. As they grow closer she finds hope and a bond. And maybe a bit about making every day count.

I enjoy it when my favorite authors get together and tell a few short stories for us while we linger pitifully awaiting their next full-length book.

February 25th, 2020 by Zebra/ NetGalley Review