Corned Beef and Casualties (A Tourist Trap Mystery #6.25)

I always love Lynn’s Holiday Novellas and this one was short, sweet and left my mouth-watering as usual.

Always good to head to South Cove and see what Jill, Sasha and the gang are up to. This one has the town embracing a new event for St. Patrick’s Day. And it will probably be the last one. While business is booming, the town is left with a lot of drunks, trash and what is that? A dead body? And not just any dead body, but a girl Jill had just met.

I think Greg has about given up on keeping Jill out of his investigations and this one was wrapped up nicely.

I was intrigued by the lady with the red hair at the end. Hmmm….will we see her again? And that cheesecake recipe? Already tried it! Yum!

Thanks for this one!

Netgalley/ Lyrical Press/Kensington February 5, 2019


A Bird Lover’s Mystery #8

Amy and her gaggle of bird loving friends have unexpectedly been invited to participate in the American Birding Expo in Philadelphia. A last-minute invite and a trip with the entire gang, including Esther the Pester. This could be a very bad thing for Amy but a good thing for her shop Birds and Bees.

Things begin going badly as soon as they check in to the motel. Esther is acting oddly even for her. Frank, Karl and Derek must share a room which means Esther and Amy are bunking together. Oh Joy!

Amy manages to insult a famous bird photographer who is also the guest of honor. And Esther is disappearing every few minutes. When she drags Amy into a bathroom where said guest of honor is no longer in the land of the living, Amy is beginning to think she should have run a background check on her tenant a long time ago. Through cemeteries, Zombie Conventions and a whole lot of shady people, this story is the best so far. We found out a lot about Miss Esther and there may be some love in the air as well.

This series is one of my favorites. By now I am so invested in each of these wonderful characters I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Well Done!

Netgalley/ November 13th 2018 by Lyrical Underground






Royally Dead (A Stitch in Time Mystery)

#3 in A Stitch in Time Mysteries

A seamstress who specializes in historical detail, Daria Dembrowski is happy to welcome the Highland Games to town—it’s all fun and games until someone gets “kilt.”

This is one of my favorite Cozy Mystery Series! Daria is such a solid character.

Everyone in Laurel Springs, PA is excited about the highland games taking place and for a few days everyone is Scottish. With games, dancing and of course wonderful things to purchase.

Daria and Letty are sharing a booth and Daria’s tartan bow ties are a good seller. They even have a famous author on site promoting his book about Bonnie Prince Charlie and his missing ring. Even Daria’s roommate Aileen and her band are playing. With one of them taking up the bagpipes.

When one of the participants in the games is murdered, secrets come out and Daria needs to do two things. One is prove her roommate is innocent and two throw together an actual kilt plus a wedding gown in just a few days.

This series has everything I love. Great characters, a plot with a lot of historical information, some fact, some imagined. It’s a joy to read every time.

Well Done!

Netgalley/Kensington/Lyrical September 11, 2018