Walking Shadows by Faye Kellerman

Walking Shadows (Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus, #25)

A Decker/Lazarus Novel #25

Detective Peter Decker and his wife, Rina Lazarus, risk life and limb to solve a pair of brutal murders that may be tied to a crime from more than twenty years ago in this intense and addictive mystery from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.

Peter Decker thought living in the small town of Greenbury, New York would be so much quieter than being with the LAPD. But when the body of Brady Neil, 26, is discovered beaten and his body dumped in the woods it’s going to take everyone in two jurisdictions to figure this one out.

Brady’s father is in prison for robbing a jewelry store and murdering the two owners. Along with his partner, Kyle. While they admit to the robbery they are adamant the owners were alive when they left. With his temporary partner, Lennie Baccus, daughter of the Hamilton police chief who handled the original murders, Decker starts asking a lot of questions.

And his first one is Where is Brady’s best friend Boxer? Heading out to find him, they instead find a blood bath inside the house and Boxer’s mother, confined to a wheelchair, tied up and close to death herself.

With Rina researching the past and present list of characters and Tyler and Kevin digging into what really happened to the Levines long ago and how all of these people fit together, this was like a Rubik’s Cube!

Is there corruption in the Hamilton police force? The more they dig, the twistier it gets.

Big fan of Decker and Lazarus and this was a good one!

August 28th 2018 by William Morrow




Night Moves by Jonathan Kellerman

Night Moves (Alex Delaware, #33)

The new novel from Jonathan Kellerman, ‘MASTER OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER’, perfect for fans of Harlan Coben and David Baldacci.


A brilliant criminal psychologist, Alex works with the police to help solve the most complex of crimes in Los Angeles, city of illusions, glamour and infamy.

An affluent family returns home from Sunday dinner only to find the murdered and brutalized corpse of a total stranger in their house. This baffling, twisted tale tests Alex and Milo to their intellectual and emotional limits.

This is number 33 in the Alex Delaware Series and Kellerman keeps pulling me in. His writing style and my reading style mesh perfectly.

Once you begin to read, you know you aren’t stopping until the end. Alex and Milo have an easy-going friendship and working relationship. When Milo gets the call for this case, he calls Alex, as there are children traumatized as well as the adults who all came home to find a corpse in the den.

Right from the beginning something is off. About the crime, about the family and even the neighbors. There were so many red herrings in this book I wasn’t sure who did what, who was just shady and who was downright insane!

None of what they had made sense. And in the end, well they always say beware of the quiet ones!

If you haven’t tried Kellerman’s books, why not? The writing is great, the pace is quick and the characters are always off the wall!

He has also written books with his wife, Faye Kellerman as well as his son.

Netgalley/Random House/Ballentine  February 13,2018