Sunday Snuggles and Gingerbread Latte Cake and Football.

Good Sunday to y’all. I’m dreaming of snow but the weatherman says an 8 percent chance this year. I’m good with that. As romantic as snow and ice skating is, it’s cold. Snot running down your nose is not romantic or cute. You know what is cute? Fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and Netflix!

Yesterday I was fully engrossed in a book that was so compelling it was past dinner time when I came up for air. Then we had to watch Georgia lose to LSU which killed my soul! But OU took out Baylor to go to my neck of the woods to play in the Peach Bowl.

Today we are still taking it easy because, pneumonia and stuff pouring out of our noses, lungs, and lack of sleep. So far today we have had breakfast in bed, tea in bed while watching Queen of the Damned for the hundredth time on Netflix.

Thursday I received a large shipment of tea. The gingerbread tea was so good I had to think of a way to cook with it. And boy did I! Welcome to my creation. I call it Gingerbread Latte’ Cake with an Espresso Glaze. I didn’t eat any of it. I sent it to the Marriott and the cake stand came back without one crumb.

It smelled great and OU Boy said it was delicious and that his workforce had attacked it like vultures. For the liquid, I used the gingerbread tea! Which added another layer of flavor to it. The Espresso Glaze was just the right amount of sweet. I think I was most proud of the girl who said, “This tastes like a Gingerbread Latte’!” And that was where the name comes from.

Now I’m going to go cheer for the 49ers against the Saints. Yes, I am still holding a grudge against the Saints for trading Bobby Hebert.

Have fun!

xx P