Hello December! Where is the Snow??

Monday, as much as I love that the sun is shining brightly and the lawn is full of leaves, where is the snow? Come on now, weatherman, you keep promising and nothing happens.

I am happy to announce that we are on the mend! OU Boy went back to work today and my fever finally broke. We started to feel semi-human last night. I made a huge pot of collard greens because we had no sense of smell, and let’s be honest, they stink. By the time they were done, we were ready for bed so they went down the garbage disposal. That’s what we do now. Cook one food, not eat it, toss it in the bin. Last night in bed OU Boy is looking up Baked Mac and Cheese recipes so I’m guessing his appetite is back and he wants his Thanksgiving meal.

Did everyone hit up the Black Friday Sales? I don’t do those. Mainly because I don’t put on pants that time of day, much less leave the house. Saturday after the big shoot out at the Hyatt was over and the room locked up, we watched football. Two days of football where my Dawgs whooped butt and Bama got knocked off by Auburn. So sweet! Also, Pat Sullivan passed away on Sunday. A Heisman Winner from Auburn who I loved. Rest softly, sir!

And of course, we had excitement! Saturday afternoon we saw a fire truck, ambulance, and a few police cars storm into our neighbor’s house. We poked our heads out because we are nosey. We could hear her screaming from our house and thought she must be injured or something. No. She was drunk and her team lost. The nice paramedics took her to the hospital for some much-needed reflection. OSU fans…sheesh.

It was when we went outside that I realized what I was wearing. OU Boy said it best. “You look like some Amish saloon dancer.”Β  I had on my white Laura Ingalls nightgown with thigh-high knee socks and a full-length purple cardigan. It’s called Layering. Fever goes up, all the clothes go on. Fever goes down, there go the sweater and socks. It was at that point I figured I should take a shower.

I hope y’all had a great weekend and made some amazing memories!

xx P

December 1st and that #Blogmas thingy


Picture Perfect World….

So, thank you to Lindsay over at homehugshuskies.wordpress.com for explaining what #Blogmas is! It isn’t Krampus, so I love the idea of sharing a bit of your own personal holiday memories.

I did not grow up with snow. I never saw snow until I went off to college. And it was nothing like the movie White Christmas! I remember hearing my sister calling my name one morning, telling me to hurry, it was snowing. Oh we were so excited!

Bear in mind this was North Dakota and we were deep southern Georgia girls. We opened the door and ran barefoot in our jammies into the snow. And right then and there I found out there is nothing romantic or song worthy about snow. For the next 3 years I cried every night to my Daddy that I had frostbite and I was going to die in this frozen wasteland. Β He was not impressed. It may all look pretty from the window, but no, I don’t want to play in it or drive in it or shovel it.

I got out of there as soon as I could. Back to shorts on Christmas and being able to ride the bike you got instead of waiting for the Spring Thaw ( which could be in June) and happiness.

My Momma retired to North Dakota. I know, I know…I am stumped on that one. And on Wednesday in one day they got over 20 inches of snow!!! That’s just crazy.

So Good Luck to you Northern Folk toughing it out up there just South of the Wall! Β  Winter is Here!