It’s Only November and I’m Over It!

Seriously y’all, Saturday I had to wear pants! And a sweater! I’m still shook.

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I had to show off my new boots though so pants it was. And socks. My feet were silently crying. Poor babies. Since my Georgia Bulldogs were playing at the same time as OU Boy’s school, we went to brunch and happily dug into the Whiskey Cake Cafe’s Farmhouse Eggs Benedict. Everything here is locally sourced and it was delicious.

We were home in time for the games. Tommy had to watch his on his phone because apparently, I am ‘too loud and vulgar”. Who knew all these years I am screaming, ” Just kill him!” was so awful. I’m sure the neighbors were wondering.

Both of our teams won. Mine clinched the SEC East. All in all, it was a good day and then we watched the GBBO. Oh Amanda, what a bad bake day you had.

For weeks now we have been working insane hours plus caring about our Grandparents and a 17-year-old. We were pretty worn out by Sunday. We watched more football, a really insane show on Netflix about Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Coincidentally, the place our aunts and uncles spent Halloween being drunk in another state.

At half-time, we shot over to the mall for the Wallflower sale at Bath and Body and we were back before kick-off.

Of course, the most important thing that happened on Saturday was the release of the sequel to A Dress the Color of the Sky. A Dress the Color of the Moon. This has been like birthing a baby for my friend Jennifer. The reason I like working with her is she is so open to change but fights like heck for her characters. And she was right!

Today is sunny but cold. That should not be allowed. Oklahoma is still being ignorant trying to not have masks in school and not get nurses and police vaxxed. Seriously, do you want to be sick and have a nurse who is taking care of Covid patients also taking care of your heart condition? That is called an unacceptable risk. Same for cops and medics and firemen. Have you never had to be vaccinated for life? School? If you joined the military they just line you up and shoot crap in your arm. You don’t ask what is in this, Karen!

Let’s all hope November treats us better than oh say, the last two years?!

Stay warm

xx P


August arrived with a heat wave! We were so excited to have a new kayak dock at the lake. Out in the middle of the lake it’s cool and there are no bugs trying to suck your blood out!

We have been going at least once a week and discovering new little coves and rock formations. It’s a terrific workout for your entire body. And it’s also the only place I can find peace these days.

This past week was one of those long-hauler syndrome weeks. I call it Covid Lite. For three days I run a fever, lose all taste and smell and can barely move my body. I really wish they had released the vaccine before we caught it, but at the time they didn’t even know the name of it. We are fully vaccinated. None of our neighbors are. They are all leaving it up to God. Which I’m good with since we need less stupid people in this state.

We’ve entered a war. I have a sign on my door that you must show proof of vaccination to enter and then you still need to wear a mask. I don’t go anywhere without a mask still. I don’t trust people. So those hours on the lake are priceless. No one but you and your kayak. No “news”. No, ” Well, I heard…” I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I hurt your feelings. You don’t have the right to put my life in danger.

We have made our position clear. I respect your decision to not get the shot. I don’t however believe it’s because you don’t know what is in it! To which I reply, ” Do you know what was in any of your vaccinations?” They never have an answer. They just say they will leave it up to God. Well,God sent us a doctor and a vaccine.

So this has been a right shitty week. On the plus side, I read six books and wrote 16 reviews. Since Vitamin D is so important I also went out and floated in the pool yesterday and let the sun unknot all of the knots in my stomach. Crohn’s does not think much of stress and we have been under a lot of stress.

How is everyone else handling the stress of this? Have any of you removed yourself from family and friends because of this? Our hospitals are overworked and overrun with Covid. There is a nursing shortage and people are being moved out of state. Hopefully not to Texas!

Thanks for listening to this gloomy Sunday rant! I know we’ll get through this, but man, it sucks.


The Hospital (Life, Death, and Dollars in a Small American Town) by Brian Alexander

The Hospital: Life, Death, and Dollars in a Small American Town by [Brian Alexander]

Bryan, Ohio is a small town with small town problems. Keeping the town afloat. Keeping the hospital open. Alexander takes us into small town hospitals and the quickly disappearing small town hospitals and medical care.

Phil Ennen, CEO of the hospital is fighting what looks like a losing battle. They are losing money and the big guys are waiting around the corner to grab up another local hospital.

You find out a lot of things you may have never thought about if you didn’t grow up in a small town. I don’t think I have ever given it a thought since I’ve always lived in the city. On a road trip this past year we took the back roads to explore Oklahoma and it was then that I saw entire towns dying when the hospitals go down. Miles and miles from any form of emergency care or just continued care. It was shocking how the towns were just empty.

We see real people in real life or death situations and the consequences from lack of dependable medical care. We have one such town right now trying not to close its doors or give in to a buy out. With a lot of small towns still recovering from the 2008 recession, money is not exactly flowing in. People can’t afford to drive 2 hours in an emergency and they can’t afford healthcare.

With the Medical and Hospital Industry puts money over care, we all suffer. Look at the situation we are in now. Covid. Rural hospitals aren’t able to care for the people in their small community. Even big cities are ill equipped to fight this one. Why? This gave me a new insight into the issues we all will face.

NetGalley/ St. Martin’s Press March 09, 2021

We Need a Little Kindness

Monday again. New numbers coming out for Covid. Oklahoma just can’t seem to get their shit together and make people follow the rules.

Last week we lost Grandma Mary. Covid. My in-laws, who are trumpettes, all have it! Karma is a bitch.

After the attempted coup at the Capital we found out who the racist bigots are! The county over one from us was represented by the Sheriff! Now we understand how these kids are getting shot in the back. And you know what? He is still in his job. I want answers. Why didn’t they just shoot them? You come in someones home uninvited you are going to face consequences or a bullet.

During all of this time OU Boy has blood clots in both legs. Strange bruises appearing daily and memory issues. Long haulers symptoms. Bad thing is we don’t know when, why or how we got this stuff. I’m still doing breathing treatments every day and not leaving my house. It’s a mess. Our doctor told us last week that we still aren’t taking the vaccine. Why? Because all the trials were with people who had no underlying conditions and until we see more evidence we won’t take it.

On the book front however, I am knocking those suckers back like tequila! Between drinking tea and reading I try and rest but I’m not good at it. I took all the ornaments off the Christmas tree and just moved the lighted tree into my office. Now it’s a Valentine tree. I have no time or patience for more. My moods are up and down and I may have told a *friend to take a hike and lose our number after spouting QAnon crap. He may have also been OU Boy’s boss. (He was and I did).

I tried the sourdough bread fad and three times ended up with moldy flour looking stuff that smelled bad. So I made chocolate no-bake cookies and used the jar for those. Perfect.

I still try and call my momma every day. I’m still in that denial phase. I didn’t realize how often I text her or send her a picture. It was a lot. Now I just want to know who’s in charge. Who do we tattle to? Apparantly it’s me. So far I’ve been asked health questions, marriage and birth record questions and if that is as bad as it gets I’ll live.

I sure hope this year brings us much needed peace and healing. And Justice, let’s not forget that one. Where were all the bullets and tear gas they used on the BLM peaceful march? As I sit here I just can’t quite believe all of this is real. Plagues, terrorists, racists, I swear if a hippo on a float went by I would just wave.

Praying for peace for all of you and your loved ones.

xx P

Happy Holidays To You All

‘Twas the night before Christmas and we were all happy about that because it brings us one day closer to 2020 being in the past. I for one don’t even want to count it as a year. Like Trump, it deserves an asterisk next to it. *2020 (Shite Year).

These past couple of weeks have been hard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up the phone to ask my mother a question about a Christmas recipe and then I sob. I am processing the loss of Momma and it’s hard. A tip: Clean your stuff out before your children have to go through it. Good Lord!

This week in the mail I received a lot of photos of my parents and all of the photos I had sent them over the years. Plus my first attempt at cross-stitch when I stitched their wedding announcement and had it framed. I cried and put them all on the dresser. At which point OU Boy said, ” Well I guess we aren’t having sex in here ever again.” Which was funny but in the night the largest one fell over!

I have baked so much bread and bars and cookies and cupcakes and cake cakes this week in an effort to distract myself. The company Christmas Party was the grateful recipient of all that sugar. In a few hours we will be on our way to a secret getaway. I have no idea. It’s my surprise. Please don’t let it be camping.

OU Boy’s grandmother who has Alzheimer’s now has Covid. She is in a facility for Alzheimer patients. Numbers keep climbing and yet our Governor doesn’t believe in vaccines or wearing a mask and just made a new commercial inviting people to come visit. Don’t. Not worth dying for. We have had several people die at the hotel after being discharged from hospital.

Stay safe. Don’t put yourself in danger of catching anything. I wish you a peaceful and healthy holiday.

xx P