What A Wild Weekend!

Happy Whatever you are celebrating! In Oklahoma, the weather can change on a dime! While it is always windy, it’s a matter of 15mph or 45 mph. To our surprise, Friday dawned bright and hot! The High was 85 degrees so we were at the lake by noon and had our tent set up and the kayaks in the water. With the winds it was choppy! CoCo got “seasick” according to OU Boy who had her in a very safe doggy backpack, in his kayak, so they turned back. Eventually, we were able to go without her and it was amazing being back on the water, jumping white caps, and seeing who could go the furthest. It was me. It’s always me.

As you can see, I caved on the camping. I found this tent on Amazon and it was just what I didn’t know I wanted. Our big cabin tent was airy and it was not fun when the wind blew. Plus we gave it away. This little baby is aerodynamic and nothing moved! So cozy inside. We set it up on a tarp and then set up our screen house over it! Put down another tarp and a quilt so the princess could run around safely. Everyone did great until we woke up to 40 degrees and high winds. It took us 15 minutes to pack up and get our buns back to the house and the heat.

Saturday we checked each other for ticks. Apparently, that’s a thing. Luckily we did not have any unwanted guests. Then we laid around moaning about how sore our arms were.

Sunday we headed to the farm. It was a bittersweet day. Our first Easter without Grandpa and his birthday is today. We had a low-key celebration. Grandma cooked a delicious ham and I brought potato salad and cupcakes. I spent time on the back porch just rocking dogs and remembering why I loved that man so much.

Finally, everyone left and the pups crawled into their beds and slept. We were all worn out. And the weather was good so everyone sat outside. Most of us. Not me.

So the latest on Miss CoCo. She is at 1.1 pounds and is healthy. She has also found her voice and is annoying as a two-year-old. The first time I heard her I thought someone was strangling a cat and came running, but no, she wanted to let me know she pooped. She does this at 2 a.m.which OU Boy handles by bringing her back to bed with him. But here she is in all her stubborn glory. What was her first word? Here you go!


Memorial Day in the USA

Monday, Memorial Day.

I am proud to say that I come from a long line of men and women who fought to get this country and keep it. From the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan, they have served their country. My Father, Uncles, brother, cousins, son, and daughter. Some came home mentally and physically damaged.

Today in the place that I currently am, they cancelled all celebrations because of bad weather. It’s Oklahoma y’all, it’s always bad weather. You know what isn’t cancelled? The Mall, the beach, the lakes, the parks, the stores and the Covid-19 Virus. Yeah!

I have to admit I didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend. Since OU Boy and I had the virus in February ( Thank you to the Chinese couple staying at our hotel) and it took 6 solid weeks for us to feel human. OU Boy did go to the hospital but his doctor filled him with fluids and sent him home. Since we both are immune-compromised we were able to get tests very fast. Now we have antibodies. Still, beginning in April we would drive to a lake with no one around and just be. No news, no negativity, no stupidity. Just peace. But then…

We had reservations at Ft. Cobb State Park and Lake. We love this area because it has a marina and a golf course. Plus it’s where the boat is. Due to the sickness OU Boy is only working 2 days a week. We have never had so much time together and I have to say he was about a day away from getting himself voted off this island! So regular hiking, swimming and communing with nature was vital, as I don’t want to go to jail.

 Why yes that is a buzzard eating an armadillo on a golf course.

So Thursday was great. Thursday night someone unleashed hell on us in the form of 45 mph winds, rain and hail. The living room portion of the tent collapsed in on itself and I just slept on. Friday we met up with the grandparents and went fishing on the lake, while also picking up burnt knees. Grandpa is not doing well so it is important to us that he squeezes every bit of fishing fun in that he can.


We said goodbye to them and went to our campsite. Turns out while we were gone every single site had at least 3 tents/boats/campers on it. It was insane. No boating etiquette at all and after the cops came, jetskis collided leaving one boy with an obvious compound fracture of the leg. Alcohol was involved. The music was a mixture of country, rap, and old rock. Then I managed to almost cut my finger off with a knife. The finger I need to unlock my phone! I turned around and looked at my hubby who immediately saw blood pouring down on the ground and he said, “Let’s go! Get that bleeding stopped and I’ll break camp!”. I’m just looking at the blood and thinking How am I going to use my phone? By the time he had everything packed, I had stopped the bleeding. Yes, I could have used a few stitches but what I had was Neosporin, Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape. My daddy brought up four daughters. We may act prissy but we are always prepared. So by 9 p.m., we were home and a huge storm hit the lake.

It was ridiculous everywhere we went. No masks, no social distancing, no precautions at all. So we decided we are Monday through Wednesday campers. Alone. Yesterday we just floated in the pool all day and now I have a burnt body. Yep, the entire thing. Today it is storming so I’m going to read. I hope you all have a safe day.

xx P


It’s been a minute since we’ve talked. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

The amount of tea that has been consumed in my house is ridiculous! And for some reason, we are really loving any Peach Ginger combinations. My favorite is Harney and Sons but Bigelow and Tazo have some nice ones as well. Baking seems to be a popular activity now that people have time at home. I went to the open-air farmer’s market last weekend and brought home such nice vegetables and fruits. Plus my baking lady had finally perfected her Snickerdoodle Bread. It’s a quick bread, like banana bread and such and it was good. After making some Chai to go with it I had a lightbulb moment and decided to do a Chai Bread. Brilliant.

I have a freezer full of baked goods and premade meals. My house is spotless, my car is clean, the refrigerator even got a scrub! From ceiling to floor, it’s been disinfected. I planted my garden and all of my herbs are doing great. Especially the mints.

We have been going camping every week. Leaving Thursday afternoon and returning on Sunday. We plan to visit every lake and state park. So far we have done Lake Murray, which is amazing. Shawnee Twin Lakes, Arbuckle Mountains and we have reservations for Ft. Cobb State Park for tomorrow through Sunday. We will meet up with the grands and do some boating and fishing. The SUV is packed and ready to go. All I need to do is pack the cooler and we are out of here.

The gym opened yesterday and we were the only ones there and it felt wonderful!

A sweet treat that is better than the one at Tropical Smoothie Cafe’. I tossed watermelon, mint from my garden and ice. Boom! Watermelon Smoothie.Full of Vitamin C and it is so good! We have made quite a few smoothies with strawberries we are getting now from Bootstrap Farm.

Today we are off to ride bikes. Stay safe and Be well!

xx P


Getting Ready For a Mini-Vacation!

Happy Sunday! Today will be spent getting ready for Monday. Everything is packed except the firewood. I had everything laid out and organized when OU boy shows up with a box of balls and new sets of golf clubs for all of us! Although I declined mine as I just got the Nike set and I love it, so what we don’t need we will donate to one of the local high schools who are always happy to have some golf supplies.

The kids at 4 and 6 are getting too tall for their smaller clubs and bags so now they can pass those down to a cousin. In our family everyone golfs. I remember we gave one of them a golf cart for her 4th birthday so she could accompany her daddy to the course.

We are also fiercely competitive. Fiercely. Obviously golf had nothing to do with our mini vacation but OU boy says we can practice driving at the lake. He was so excited I didn’t have the heart to tell him no, so add another pile to the truck.

I’ll be gone for a few days to parts unknown. Camping and Golfing….and Cupcakes! Voila! Packed.



It is Summer once again, the time when children are out of school, teachers are recovering in their own ways ( Hey, no judging here!) and people begin taking Vacations.

I had not thought about my last vacation, and I am playing extremely loose with that word, until yesterday when the good Skipah, over at Skipahsrealm ( No he isn’t part of my Pirate crew but runs his own ship quite nicely!) wrote a post mentioning he was packing up Ms. Madison and their motley crew of 3, and heading to the ultimate vacation spot, the exotic state of  Wisconsin. Land of cheese curds and cheese heads.

That got me thinking (don’t say it!) about the last vacation I had that wasn’t combined with a funeral. And here is how that went.

A group of friends were going to the lake to camp for a week. Seriously all I heard was Lake. I had no idea what camping involved but Walmart did and $250 later I had all the things I would need to be a camper. I had so much stuff in the back of the truck I’m sure people on the interstate thought I was moving.

The gray tent is mine and the red one is Mike’s. I brought a queen sized blow up bed. 800 thread count white sheets and pillows, with a white down filled comforter. My friends are still giving me grief about that, but just because you’re in the woods is no reason to sacrifice comfort!

My organizational skills did not  go unnoticed by the other campers. My vintage tablecloth was the talk of the park.

We are most definitely City People, notice the can of lighter fluid we used to make fire.

I think the other campers thought we were planning on moving in. Notice the vintage tablecloth!

 The only part I enjoyed.

If you haven’t been camping before, heck, why start now?! Besides the lack of electricity, the gazillion bugs, both flying and crawling, not to mention the family of raccoons who casually climbed up on the picnic table in the night and helped themselves to my banana bread… there is the sunburn part, where you dare someone to touch you or even breathe in your general direction because it is 102 degrees and you are sweating like a whore in church ( No offense intended) and then night falls and you are freezing your bum off.. because of said sunburn. We won’t even talk  about the toilet facilities. A toilet and a bucket of water to flush it. This is me the first night. Had to borrow a big hoodie and of course it had to have the name of the college that my college despises on it, but hey I was cold and obviously calling for help. ( notice phone)

This is me the second night.

I’m next to the pool. I’m calling it camping. In the end, camping is a dirty, buggy, messy, costly affair, it’s basically just sleeping in the woods. Hello serial killers!!!

But no matter, I’ve been to Wisconsin, I would still take the camping.

xoxo P