A Killer Edition (Booktown Mystery, #13)

Book 13 in A Booktown Mystery Series

Stoneham is the town I want to live in. Tricia and her sister are deeply embedded in the town with her sister owning most of the shops and Tricia owning her mystery bookstore while playing amateur detective.

Now that Pixie is taking on more responsibility in the store, Tricia finds herself with quite a bit of extra time. She really wants to join the board of the local animal shelter/rescue, but that looks like a longshot. Maybe she’ll enter the Great Stoneham Bake-Off, but that looks daunting as well.

Looking to mix things up she wanders into Joyce’s Romance Bookstore, hoping for a little romance herself. What she finds is Joyce and Vera in an awkward argument where Vera is yelling angrily and Joyce is being polite but firm. It would seem there is some bad blood between these two neighbors, but who is telling the truth. And why is the new policewoman holding hands with Joyce?

Things heat up when Tricia stops by Joyce’s house for some veggies and instead, they find poor Vera run through with a pitchfork in Joyce’s backyard. Is Joyce a killer?

There were quite a few subplots going on here and I loved them all! Especially the snarky celebrity Chef! I should warn you that the food descriptions in this book will leave you drooling! I have already made the Walnut Cupcakes and the Lemon ones.

Great Series!  August 13th, 2019 by Berkley





Word to the Wise (Library Lover's Mystery, #10)

A Library Lover’s Mystery Number 10

This is the tenth book in this series and it just keeps getting better!

In Briar Creek, Lindsey Norris, library director, and part-time sleuth should be happily planning her wedding to Sully. Instead, she is dealing with a newcomer to town who has the ladies feeling a bit prickly! Aaron Grady is one of those guys who just can’t take a hint. Inappropriate and pretty much unwelcome in the library or in the garden club where his roses are to die for!

When he turns his full attention on Lindsey, Sully is not happy. When Aaron is found dead outside of the library, all signs point to Sully. Now instead of planning her wedding, she is investigating and trying to make sure her groom won’t be in prison!

But this is a complicated one and Aaron has made a lot of enemies and one of them will have no problem taking out Lindsey should it come to that!

Full of secrets, lies and a few very unlikeable characters, this tenth book in the series is only getting stronger!

Well Done!

September 3rd, 2019 by Berkley

Familiar Motives by Delia James

A Witch’s Cat Mystery  Book 3 / Berkley Prime Crime October 2017

Familiar Motives (Witch's Cat Mystery, #3)

A new witch and her feline familiar get their fifteen minutes of fame in this enchanting mystery in the national bestselling series…
After learning that she comes from a family of witches–and adopting a familiar named Alistair–artist Annabelle Britton has made beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire, her home. Together with her coven, this good witch is trying to put a stop to magic and murder most foul.
When Anna takes Alistair to see local veterinarian Ramona Forsythe, they meet the most famous cat in town: Ruby the Attitude Cat, spokes-feline for a pet food brand. But then Ramona turns up dead, and Ruby goes missing. It seems like the murderer used magical means, so it’s up to Anna and Alistair to catch a killer and cat-napper as only a canny cat can.

Anna is still getting used to being a witch and having some skills with her Vibe. And living with Alistair, who disappears at will.

When Anna takes Alistair to the vet, not only does she meet Ruby the Attitude Cat, but she is witness to a strange and scary conversation when a third-party comes crashing into the Vet’s office claiming the cat is hers.

When the vet turns up dead and Ruby gone, Anna and her coven of characters must work to learn if this was an act of magic and a witch was involved or was this all about greed.

The characters are very real, the story runs very smoothly and Alistair steals the show!

A smart new series I’ll check into more!  This one was featured when it came out last month at my library and I quickly grabbed it.

Check it out and let me know!