Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra

Little Secrets


A town reeling in the wake of tragedy

An arsonist is on the loose in Colmstock, Australia, most recently burning down the town’s courthouse and killing a young boy who was trapped inside..

An aspiring journalist desperate for a story

The clock is ticking for Rose Blakey. With nothing but rejections from newspapers piling up, her job pulling beers for cops at the local tavern isn’t nearly enough to cover rent. Rose needs a story-a big one.

Little dolls full of secrets

In the weeks after the courthouse fire, precise porcelain replicas of Colmstock’s daughters begin turning up on doorsteps, terrifying parents and testing the limits of the town’s already fractured police force.

Rose may have finally found her story. But as her articles gain traction and the boundaries of her investigation blur, Colmstock is seized by a seething paranoia. Soon, no one is safe from suspicion. And when Rose’s attention turns to the mysterious stranger living in the rooms behind the tavern, neighbor turns on neighbor and the darkest side of self-preservation is revealed.

This is a rather dark book. Rose is not a likeable character in the least. Actually none of them were. Not even the children.

Rose desperately wants to leave behind her small town and small-minded people. She thinks she is better than this. Mainly she whines about her position in life and assumes her best friend, Mia, feels the same way.

There  more secrets in this town and more downright bad people. I don’t think one of them had a redeeming quality at all.

When Rose decides to capitalize on the arsons and the dolls, it gets her just enough attention from the local rag to fuel her intense need to get out of the place. So what if she makes up a few “facts” or sets a few people up. But her actions will set a chain of events in place that do not end when the book does I’m sure.

Netgalley/Mira Books Release Date is October 17, 2017