So We’re Going Straight to Winter Now?

by Audrey T

If you live close to me you also heard what sounded like gunshots going off all night and all day so far. No, it wasn’t a gang of out of control cowboys, it was limbs cracking off of the trees due to the ice storm we are currently enduring.

Every few minutes you hear the first rumblings and see ice fall and them Boom!, there goes another limb. Now, I am not talking about branches. They are covering the ground and homes alike. These are huge limbs. One of which is sitting on top of the nursing home right now. The park looks like a war zone and a quick tour of the neighborhood shows the same. Cars parked outside last night are now nestled in the boughs of sycamore trees.

At work, it’s worse. As you can see. This used to be a huge oak tree. Now it is just a trunk and this one remaining limb. The squirrels have been running for their lives and power is out everywhere. Best to stay in town this week!

Stay safe out there. My Gulf Coast people, be safe from the hurricane. The rest of us are just frozen. But Amazon is delivering so all is not lost!

xx P

Cold Conviction (Aspen Adams #3) by Daryl Wood Gerber

Cold Conviction (Aspen Adams, #3)

We’re back with PI Aspen Adams. This time the case she takes on is personal. The case that has never been solved. Her parent’s murder.

Fourteen years ago, her parents were murdered in their own home. Aspen was away at college but her sister Rosie found the bodies and was looked at as a suspect for a while. Rosie is an addict. She’s stolen from them before, but why kill them?

Rosie is not my favorite person. Aspen is also raising Rosie’s daughter. So when Rosie calls and begs her to find out who did this, she does. She goes home and starts asking questions. People begin to act strangely and she has quite a few possible suspects.

But in the end will she live to prove who was really guilty?

I loved this one. It was a twisty, confusing, and action packed all the way to the end. And no, the one person responsible wasn’t even on my radar! So, good job!

NetGalley/ October 27th, 2020 by Beyond the Page

Spilling The Tea On Oklahoma

Good Morning! Having a nice cuppa with my new cup a friend sent.

I am still in a mood about this Covid thing and all the lies being told. Here is a new one. Remember all that ‘family’ we went on vacation with last year? The Trump people? Well the 7 year old caught Covid at school and now the mom and baby twins are all sick as well. So here is how Oklahoma counts. The 7 year old has Covid. Positive test. The rest weren’t even tested because they are ‘presumed positive’ and these numbers don’t go in the count.

Hell is going to be quite packed in the coming years. But since these same people thought it was a hoax, I’m not feeling any sympathy for them at all.

I have very little patience left for stupid people. We have an election around the corner and if you vote for this administration, well, here’s your sign. STUPID. I’d like a president who has actually served some time in government, the military, school. Seriously, who hires people with no experience?

Enough for today, I need more tea!

Be Safe, and Be Smart.


the book of two ways by Jodi Picoult

The Book of Two Ways

Dawn Edelstein is on a plane when her life changes. With an announcement to prepare for a crash landing.

A lot of things flash through her mind. Her husband is not one.

She survives the crash but is left wondering about her life. What would have happened if she took a different path? Gone left instead of right?

And that what the book is about. Choices and how they affect us.

I was not invested in this one at all. It could just be me. See what you think!

NetGalley/ Ballentine September 22nd, 2020 by Ballantine Books





One by One by [Ruth Ware]

Everyone is this book has secrets. Except maybe Danny. But the rest of them are pretty despicable people, not counting Erin, who takes care of the chalet and the guests with Danny as the chef.

Work retreats are nothing new for them. They host many at a luxurious ski chalet in the French Alps. Most are great and things run smoothly.

Not so when a start-up called Snoop and it’s co-founders come to stay. Right from the start, they are obnoxious and sketchy.  And as the days go by they began to dwindle in numbers. After an avalanche leaves them cut off from the rest of the world, they are all aware they are sharing quarters with a killer. But which one is it?

I could have told you who in Chapter one. The only person’s story I was interested in was Erin’s.

Not my cup of tea.

NetGalley/Gallery Scout Press September 8th, 2020




Taken Too Soon

Quaker Midwife Mystery #6

Rose Carroll and her brand new husband, David, haven’t even finished their wedding reception when word is received from her elderly aunts that their ward has died and she must come immediately.

The young girl’s murder has rattled her aunts and the entire New England town. And as Rose works with the detectives to find the killer, David must deal with his rakish brother and his manipulative mother.

Family secrets, long-held grudges, and misunderstandings abound and Rose is ready to find a killer and get back to her beloved.

This is one of my favorite series! Rose is such an interesting character and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Maxwell will have in store for Rose and David!

NetGalley/ September 8th, 2020 by Beyond the Page




Until I Find You by Rhea Frey

Until I Find You

Rea Frey is a master at domestic suspense! This one may be the best one yet!

Rebecca Gray has had a time of it. Diagnosed in her twenties with an eye disease that will leave her totally blind, every day she can see a little less. Shadows, outlines, and soon there will be total darkness. To make matters worse, her husband is killed in an accident while she is pregnant with their son, Jackson.

Bec moves to the suburbs alone. In a home meant to be shared with her husband and son. She makes friends with a few other moms but suffers almost debilitating fear and anxiety over her ability to take care of and protect her son. Having lost her husband, she isn’t taking any chances with her only child.

But life in the burbs isn’t as idyllic as it sounds. And Bec finds this out in the most painful of ways. One day at the park she passes out. Her friends bring her to their house and talk to her about getting rest and taking better care of herself. With the aid of a friend’s sleeping pills, she gets some rest and wakes up only to find that the child in her crib is not Jackson.

 The police, as well as her friends, think she may be confused and still grieving her husband. Tiny babies all look alike. Except for their mothers. Mothers know their baby’s smell, touch, and every breath. And Bec knows this is not her child.

With help from a past love, she will move mountains to find out who took her child and who is this baby in the crib? And the ending will leave you speechless!

I have to say that as I was reading this I am recovering from my 4th eye surgery, so this was already a scary time for me. Reading this had me jumping at every noise! And my husband wondering if I was ever coming out of the bathtub!

Another Great Job!

NetGalley/ August 11th, 2020 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Bronte’s Mistress by Finola Austin

Bronte's Mistress

This dazzling debut novel for fans of Mrs. Poe and Longbourn explores the scandalous historical love affair between Branwell Brontë and Lydia Robinson, giving voice to the woman who allegedly corrupted her son’s innocent tutor and brought down the entire Brontë family.

This is a tale of Branwell Bronte and Lydia Robinson, the mistress of Thorp Green Hall. It is 1843 in Yorkshire and Lydia has suffered not one but two devastating losses this year. Her mother and her youngest daughter.

She doesn’t get much sympathy from her husband, who all but ignores her and the children, and to be honest, she isn’t a very sympathetic character. 

She already has one Bronte sister tutoring her teenage daughters but now has hired a tutor for her only son. And Branwell is the lucky chap. Down on his own luck, at loose ends and fighting his own demons while dealing with his own rather odd family.

He is very passionate about life, the theater, and music and regales them with tales of his sisters, but under the surface, you can just feel the rather manic energy and short temper. As the two begin an illicit relationship, he gets more and more erratic and Lydia knows she must end things to keep her own reputation intact and before those pesky sisters get involved.


NetGalley Review/ August 4th, 2020 by Atria Books

Ghost Ups Her Game by Carolyn Hart

Ghost Ups Her Game

A Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel #9

Bailey Ruth Raeburn is back in Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions. Busy dispatching heavenly emissaries to those in need of a bit of help. Satisfied with herself for doing such a heavenly job matching everyone up, she suddenly gets an emergency call for help from her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma.

Bailey wastes no time jumping aboard the train engine, she heads out quickly with Wiggins yelling in her ear!

All she knows is Iris Gallagher is in trouble and Bailey must help her.

A fun twist in this one is that Iris can see Bailey! All the time. And while Bailey Ruth tries to stick to the rules, she is barely skating by on this one. And when her good friend Sam arrests Iris for murder, Bailey does whatever she must to find a killer before he kills again!

Oh, Bailey Ruth! I do love this ghostly character. These characters are so well written and I can’t wait for the next one!

NetGalley Reviews/August 4th, 2020 by Severn House Publishers


The Love Scam by MaryJanice Davidson

The Love Scam


A rich playboy wakes up in Venice with the worst hangover of his life! And all of a sudden he has a daughter too.

This one had a lot of inconsistencies and I was confused and not amused during the entire book.

This one just needed a lot of pulling together of facts and plots.

NetGalley/August 4th, 2020 by St. Martin’s Griffin