Bigelow’s Benefits Teas!

It has been a hot minute since we talked about some tea! And I received more than my share for the holidays!

Let’s talk about the Refresh.  Why is it great? It contains Dandelion, thought to promote healthy harmony. Nettle, a unique plant traditionally regarded to help support a healthy lifestyle. Turmeric, brilliant yellow root commonly thought to help keep the body on track. Turmeric is something we have every day in food and teas. It has a ton of good uses. I even brush my teeth with it. Chili/Black Pepper supports your well being. Matcha, traditional green tea known to energize the body. It’s my own opinion that they each have a lot to offer health-wise. Plus it’s really good!

My friend Casey and I have a huge love of anything tea and this weekend we shared our stashes in pictures. Now she wants my tea cart. You can pick one up at a restaurant supply company for a song. Each of the rows has space for 6 boxes of tea. So in every row you see, there are 5 or more teas behind the lead tea. And that isn’t including the Harney and Sons Royal Palace Collections. The box underneath is an antique French hot chocolate set with matching cups, plates and spoons.

The only bad weather we had was rain and we really needed that. Our daffodils are about 6 inches out of the ground and the sun is saying “It’s Spring!”But the wind is saying, “Wanna bet?”

Jerome the gnome is overseeing this rich, smoky Lapsang Souchong from Harney and Sons Teas and I loved this ARC so much I read it twice. And cried. The smokiness of the tea smells like a campfire and was perfect with this tale!

Happy Monday Y’all!

Be Nice!

xx P


I hope you are all having a calm and peaceful Friday. It’s sunny and 60 degrees today. Holidays are over and hopefully cooler heads will prevail in the world. I have the perfect tea for calming your blood pressure!

I didn’t even know that. My favorite neighbor brought me a few little gift baskets over the past couple of days. There were several teas and she told me this one has blood pressure-lowering abilities. It’s caffeine-free with ruby red hibiscus and sweet blackberry leaf. It fills your mouth with tastes of fruit and citrus notes. And that color!

I love the eco-friendly packaging with no strings, staples or tags. And it is unbleached. A perfect tea for Valentines’ Day Teas. It is just as good iced as it is hot too. Trust me I’ve already bought several of their teas.

Well, now we are under a tornado warning, so stay safe!



Let it Snow…just somewhere else!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  No, we do not have snow. We have gloom and light drizzle this morning and it’s 30 something but we aren’t getting snow. I finally figured out our weatherman covers the entire state, not just OKC. When he talks of snow, he means far NW Oklahoma. But after watching White Christmas, I remembered how romantic snow is. Or so I thought until I actually was in North Dakota the first winter of college.

Thrilled to see but I cried the entire time I was there and whined about frostbite and how does your snot freeze?? St. Simon’s Island doesn’t get snow. We are very smart people!

So hope your weekend is going well. I was up and out the door early because Hurt’s Donuts had a Coconut Cream Pie Filled Donut and I wanted to own it. So out we went and this is our haul!

While OU Boy isn’t an adventurous eater, he is always up for donuts. He chose a classic chocolate long john and an old fashioned donut. Maybe he thought it would taste like the old fashioned he had at Pearl’s last night. No, it did not. I loved the guy behind the counter. He was naming things and then we would both put our hands over our hearts and swoon a little. I love that boy. I told him straight up these were for photoshoots and this is what we came up with. A Cherry Cheesecake filled donut. A Coconut Cream Pie filled donut, A Nutella/Peanut Butter filled donut, An Apple Pie filled donut, and one called the Jesus and I have no idea what is in that but it looked good. And one Chocolate Bavarian Cream. I cut a tiny piece of the Coconut one and promptly put them all in the freezer. Not today Satan, not today.

Now we are a bit odd in our holiday shopping. I pick out all my favorite things and OU Boy goes by and picks them up. That done, it was time for a cup of tea and a calm sit down. So since we were in Edmond we went here:

If they would let me live here I would be happy. And it’s not out of the question as there is a lovely B & B behind it! With help from the lovely and very knowledgeable Claire, I ordered the lunch tea. It came with a heavenly Blueberry Scone and a side of Lemon Curd along with a Quiche Lorraine with so much Gruyere! Along with fruit and a huge slice of Coconut Cake! The tea I chose was Partridge in a Pear Tree. It was so delicious I had to find Claire and buy an entire bag!

They do all types of teas and have private areas for groups. I made a reservation for high tea next week. Even OU Boy loved it and Claire allowed him to order from the kids’ menu because ham and cheese on a croissant are as adventurous as he’s going to get. It is such a calming place and they sell Tea, Coffee, wonderful Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars and you can taste them all. It truly refreshed our spirits as well as our bodies.

Today is gym day and grocery day. Stay warm and remember to stop and take care of you this season and every day!

xx P

Hello December! Where is the Snow??

Monday, as much as I love that the sun is shining brightly and the lawn is full of leaves, where is the snow? Come on now, weatherman, you keep promising and nothing happens.

I am happy to announce that we are on the mend! OU Boy went back to work today and my fever finally broke. We started to feel semi-human last night. I made a huge pot of collard greens because we had no sense of smell, and let’s be honest, they stink. By the time they were done, we were ready for bed so they went down the garbage disposal. That’s what we do now. Cook one food, not eat it, toss it in the bin. Last night in bed OU Boy is looking up Baked Mac and Cheese recipes so I’m guessing his appetite is back and he wants his Thanksgiving meal.

Did everyone hit up the Black Friday Sales? I don’t do those. Mainly because I don’t put on pants that time of day, much less leave the house. Saturday after the big shoot out at the Hyatt was over and the room locked up, we watched football. Two days of football where my Dawgs whooped butt and Bama got knocked off by Auburn. So sweet! Also, Pat Sullivan passed away on Sunday. A Heisman Winner from Auburn who I loved. Rest softly, sir!

And of course, we had excitement! Saturday afternoon we saw a fire truck, ambulance, and a few police cars storm into our neighbor’s house. We poked our heads out because we are nosey. We could hear her screaming from our house and thought she must be injured or something. No. She was drunk and her team lost. The nice paramedics took her to the hospital for some much-needed reflection. OSU fans…sheesh.

It was when we went outside that I realized what I was wearing. OU Boy said it best. “You look like some Amish saloon dancer.”  I had on my white Laura Ingalls nightgown with thigh-high knee socks and a full-length purple cardigan. It’s called Layering. Fever goes up, all the clothes go on. Fever goes down, there go the sweater and socks. It was at that point I figured I should take a shower.

I hope y’all had a great weekend and made some amazing memories!

xx P

Craftedleaf Tea Review!

Recently I was introduced to Craftedleaf-Tea on IG. They sent me so many great samples and the packaging is wonderful. I have been searching for a good Puerh that doesn’t taste like dirt. The tea in our area is almost always in a bag looking like dust and tasting like dust.

Not this company! The type of tea is handwritten on each resealable pouch. The leaves are big and plentiful. My first try was the 2017 Ba Da Shan Wild Tree Raw Puerh. On the back is a label telling me this came from Yunnan. Picked in the Spring of 2017 at an altitude of 1800m. The bud to leaf ratio is 1 bud: 1/2 leaf. Caffeine is less than 20 percent of coffee.

There are directions for the Gong Fu Style and the Western Style. I followed the directions and let it steep 3 minutes. Took a sip and let it steep for another minute.

It was so mellow. The grassiness with the floral notes was perfect. It was the best I have ever tried. I was able to get 6 steepings out of it without any of the quality of flavor being lost. So yes, this is a winner!

And so is this book Ascenders by C.L.Gaber!  A high school for the undead? Yep!

Have a great Thursday and try something new today!

xx P


Good Tuesday Morning! So many really good books releasing today! Most of you know I don’t do Sci-Fi or YA. But this book looked so interesting that when the author asked if I wanted a copy I immediately said yes! I mean they go to a high school for the dead! And the lovely postman not only brought me this book but also TEA!

These came all the way from Hong Kong! And they weren’t kidding about sending samples! I received 8. You can check them out HERE 

They come in resealable packets and are all loose leaves. Each one tells you when it was picked and where, what altitude, the bud to leaf ratio. It gives you brewing instructions for the Gong Fu Style and Western Style. I received:

2019 Sping Dong Ting Lake Bilouchun Green Tea

2019 Spring Organic Wild Balmudan White Tea

2019 Spring Premium Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong

2017 Ba Da Shan Wild Tree Raw Pu-erh

2019 Spring Song Dynasty Milan Dancong Oolong

2019 Spring Golden Tip Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Whew! I was really interested in raw pu-erh. It’s the one tea I haven’t had in its pure form. Here in the USA, most of it is in teabags and it just tastes like dust. Today we’ll be trying said pu-erh and letting you know how it fares!

Other than that I read a really good cozy yesterday and did some shopping on the sofa!


I saw them on a friend’s site and had to have them for the kids and I. They were super fast too. I paid $27 for the two for the kids including shipping and half that for mine.

Then I dragged out the Fall stuff. Michael’s was having a super great sale yesterday on all Fall and Halloween items, so I found this lovely long tray and filled it with those tiny gourds and pumpkins as well as a jar candle, which were 5 for $10.

Today is book release day, so we will all be busy. I hope your Tuesday is good. Encourage just one person today!

xx P



It was raining when I went to bed and it just now stopped. More is forecasted and we do really need some rain. And it’s Friday the 13th so it’s a mood setter.

This morning I’m sipping on this lovely new tea I found at Barnes and Noble when I was picking up my copy of The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. This Harney & Sons tea is so delicate and full of ginger and lemon flavor. Great for the tummy and the book, well, we’ve waited a long time for this one!


So I’m all set for the weekend. What will you be doing? Or reading?

Miss Charli Ava is coming over today to try on a dress and see her new bedroom. I’m so excited. I’ve been working hard on this room and it all came together last night. Charli and I are going to buy scrapbook supplies to make her a book of her life. As most of you know, we didn’t get her until she was two, so no baby pictures at all. But never fear, I found someone to send me those and I can’t wait for her to see them. This is on her second birthday. The day we met her.

One of the loves of my life! It’s going to be a fun day! I hope yours is as well. Enjoy your weekend and be kind today. It’s free.

xx P