The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler

The Fire Witness

Joona Linna Book 3

DI Joona Linna, is sidelined for the moment. On leave while awaiting the outcome of an internal affairs investigation for some thing he did or didn’t do.

So he is free to be sent to observe only in the investigation of a hideous double murder at a youth home for troubled girls.

In my crime group I once asked for recommendations for some Scandi works and I’ve been stuck on them! This one may be my new favorite. These girls are way past troubled. They are downright scary. With one of them being accused of the crimes, the stories of her past begin to come out and a more horrifying tale I can’t think of.

Almost a story inside a story as the police dismiss Flora, a girl trying to pass herself off as a psychic to the police. But is she seeing the ghost of the dead girl or is she having a memory of her own that was too awful to remember?

We learn a lot about Joona’s personal life this time. Interesting fellow. This was a fast paced shocker that made me glad I don’t have any girls!

Good Job on the translations too!

Netgalley/ Knopf Doubleday Publishing November 27, 2018





Lost Lake (Detective Gemma Monroe, #3)

Detective Gemma Monroe #3

An enthralling, atmospheric new novel from the author of acclaimed debut Inherit the Bones, featuring Colorado police officer Gemma Monroe.

Lost Lake. A beautiful hidden gem close to the small town of Cedar Valley, Colorado. The history of the lake and the history of the town are closely linked. A beautiful place, popular with campers and hikers in the summer. In the winter it’s a very different and unsettling place.

It’s early spring now and Detective Gemma Monroe has responded to a missing person report at the lake.

Two couples have camped overnight and in the morning one of the girls is missing. Sari Chesney is also the assistant curator at the town’s museum and now she and the founding fathers diary are missing. Are the two connected?

When the bodies begin to pile up Gemma isn’t sure who to believe. It seems the tiny town is bursting with secrets and even someone in the department is leaking info to the local paper.

With so many different mysteries to solve, will our Gemma pull through in the end or will this one be the end of her?

I am a fan of the series and this was a really good one with murder, supernatural vibes, and a great group of suspicious characters!

Well Done!


Netgalley/November 6th 2018 by Minotaur Books


The Darkness (Hidden Iceland #1)

Spanning the icy streets of Reykjavik, the Icelandic highlands and cold, isolated fjords, The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson is an atmospheric audiobook thriller from one of the most exciting names in Nordic Noir.

DI Hulda Hermannsdotter is a few months away from retirement with the Reykjavik Police. She’s not sure how she feels about that. At 64 there is much she still wants to do and is not looking forward to being alone to dwell on the past.

When she is called into her boss’s office she is given the news that she will be done in two weeks when a younger detective will be taking her place. She is dumbfounded and hurt and finally makes a deal to pick a cold case to work on.

The one she finds is from a year ago when a young woman seeking asylum from Russia turns up dead on a beach. Not taken seriously the case was closed quickly. But when Hulda starts digging into the case she may be the next to turn up dead on a beach.

This was a short book. There was no depth to this book. I did not care for any of the characters and it was very predictable. It was dragging along and I was not impressed.

Netgalley/Macmillan October 16, 2018  Translated from Icelandic.