Be Our Ghost: A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery

This is the second book in A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery.

If bed-and-breakfast owners Melanie and Liza, along with their laughing ghost tenant, can’t find a real estate developer’s killer, their own estate will end up with their next of kin.

Melanie and her grandmother, Liza, along with their resident ghost Orville/Arthur, are doing very well with their Bed and Breakfast on the Oregon coast. Sully’s Landing is such a charming town and everyone would like it to stay that way.

When an outside real estate developer tries to bulldoze his way in with ideas of a huge arcade taking the place of long-established businesses, the locals are divided and some would rather see the man rot in hell.

But when their friend Doug is taken in for questioning, Liza insists they clear his name.
But will it be at the cost of their own lives? Because the killer is leaving some pretty harsh hints for them to keep their curious noses out of other people’s business!
The love and friendship between Melanie and her grandmother, Liza, is a beautiful theme in these mysteries. Melanie is still searching for her missing mother but will the ladies live long enough to find out any news?
I read this entire book with a pot of tea and the rain pelting my windows and it was a perfect afternoon.
Netgalley/ Crooked Lane Books October 09, 2018


The Little Shop of Found Things (The Little Shop of Found Things #1)

The Little Shop of Found Things Book 1

A new series about a young woman whose connection to antiques takes her on a magical adventure, reminiscent of Outlander

New York Times bestselling author of The Witch’s Daughter Paula Brackston returns to her trademark blend of magic and romance to launch a new series guaranteed to enchant her audience even more.

First can we agree this is a beautiful cover. As for the genre, Historical Fiction/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Adult Fiction. Yes, that is a lot but I don’t know what to call it when the setting is present day England but there is a ghost and some time travel involved. All rolled into this wonderful book that I did not stop reading once I started.

Xanthe Westlake and her mother Flora have had a rough time of it in London and have invested their life savings in an antique shop in Marlborough. Determined to make a new life and leave the past behind. Hard to do in an antique shop. Especially as we find out our Xanthe has some pretty awesome gifts.

Sometimes when she touches things she can hear them. Telling the stories of where they have been and what they were. When Xanthe picks up a chatelaine at an estate sale, it is doing more than singing to her. She is having visions and feelings of danger.

When she finds an odd-shaped building in the back garden, exactly where two ley lines converge, she is transported to the 1600’s. When she returns she finds a not so friendly ghost waiting who threatens her and her mothers safety.

Now Xanthe must return to try to save the ghost’s daughter from the gallows. Along the way she meets a gorgeous architect and tries to save Alice and her mother.

The rest you will have to read yourself. I absolutely loved this book and am so glad there will be more of them.

Well Done!

Netgalley/October 2nd 2018 by Thomas Dunne Books

THE LUCIFER CHORD BY Francis Cottam is out NOW!

The Lucifer Chord by F.G. Cottam

It is so nice to have Ruthie and company back for a visit. Ruthie has been commissioned to do an essay on Martin Mear and his band, Ghost Legion, as part of a new boxed set and a tour of his music and memorabilia. But something isn’t right about any of this, she discovers as supernatural events force a medium to run for her life and more me she knows to end up dead.

Ruthie is no stranger to the supernatural or the occult forces in the world. She has come up against them before and lived to tell the tale, but will the third time be her last?

Ruthie is one of my favorite characters and I hope we will see more of her! Cottam’s writing draws you into the story and the characters and before you know it you are almost finished, so you slow down to make it last and still end up hurtling towards the end to find out what happens! As a great coincidence I had a text from a friend who is at this minute on the Isle of Wight so this seemed a sign of sorts, but by then I had devoured the entire book!

If you like secret societies, the occult, fact with fiction mixed in and a spooky setting,then you should read the books before this one as well.

Netgalley/SevernHouse September 01, 2018


Red Harvest (The Haunted Hollow Chronicles)

Ember Hollow takes Halloween to a whole other level! Parades, music, and this year something even more sinister.

The premise of this book was good. The execution was not. I spent most of the book filling in missing words and trying to decide who was speaking. I almost gave up half-way in because it was more work than pleasure.

I would have liked more background on the characters. Unfortunately this was more of a guess what the next word could/should be.

  • An update on this. Most of the errors have been fixed in the second download, but the plot just needed more. There still wasn’t enough backstory before we are thrown into bedlam.

Netgalley/ September 4th 2018 by Lyrical Underground





The Class by Heather Won Tesoriero

The Class: A Life-Changing Teacher, His World-Changing Kids, and the Most Inventive Classroom in America

An unforgettable year in the life of a visionary high school science teacher and his award-winning students, as they try to get into college, land a date for the prom . . . and possibly change the world.

An excellent book about Andy Bramante. A teacher who has taken teaching to another level. His passion to see his students succeed is one that we don’t often see in the public school system.

His students are entering science contests I had never even heard of! And winning! Not with your standard rotating planets or baking soda volcanoes. No, they are looking for cures for disease, amazing inventions and prize money that exceeds anything I’ve seen.

We follow a year in his classroom. No text books, no tests, these kids choose a project and work on it in this research style classroom for the entire year. One has been on Stephen Colbert. One left high school and started his own company.

I had no idea all of these competitions were going on. An outstanding look at excellence in teaching and allowing your students to discover their own talents.

Excellent Work!

Netgalley/September 4th 2018 by Ballantine Books

GRANDGHOST BY Nancy Springer

Grandghost: A Haunted House Mystery

When she unearths the bones of a young child, Beverly Vernon’s life is transformed in ways she never expected. 

Beverly Vernon is a widow who moved to Florida and is trying to adjust to the lifestyle, the language and the tea as sweet as candy!

With both of her daughters still living up north, she is on her own, with her art. She illustrates children’s books with lovely, imaginative arts. But boy would she like some grandchildren!

She is trying so hard to make sense of what her place in the world is now and when she unearths a child’s body in her back yard she gets way more excitement than she bargained for!

Obviously the poor thing met with an unkind end and she decides to paint a portrait of what the child may have looked like all those years ago. Only the painting she leaves on the easel is not the one she finds in the morning. It just may be that the child has never left the house and is trying to communicate with her.

With both daughters believing their mother has lost her marbles and her holier than though neighbor trying to get her committed to the loony bin, Beverly charges full steam ahead and tracks down this childs family with the help of some great characters.

Although this could be a ghost story it was more the story of child abuse and secrets. Secrets that ruin entire families and how by reaching out to strangers can change their life and yours. This was a heart breaking tale as well as a heart warming tale of faith, acceptance, love and making a new family.

Very nicely done. Not what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed it!

NetGalley/Severn House August 01, 2018

August 1st 2018 by Severn House Publishers