The Hospital (Life, Death, and Dollars in a Small American Town) by Brian Alexander

The Hospital: Life, Death, and Dollars in a Small American Town by [Brian Alexander]

Bryan, Ohio is a small town with small town problems. Keeping the town afloat. Keeping the hospital open. Alexander takes us into small town hospitals and the quickly disappearing small town hospitals and medical care.

Phil Ennen, CEO of the hospital is fighting what looks like a losing battle. They are losing money and the big guys are waiting around the corner to grab up another local hospital.

You find out a lot of things you may have never thought about if you didn’t grow up in a small town. I don’t think I have ever given it a thought since I’ve always lived in the city. On a road trip this past year we took the back roads to explore Oklahoma and it was then that I saw entire towns dying when the hospitals go down. Miles and miles from any form of emergency care or just continued care. It was shocking how the towns were just empty.

We see real people in real life or death situations and the consequences from lack of dependable medical care. We have one such town right now trying not to close its doors or give in to a buy out. With a lot of small towns still recovering from the 2008 recession, money is not exactly flowing in. People can’t afford to drive 2 hours in an emergency and they can’t afford healthcare.

With the Medical and Hospital Industry puts money over care, we all suffer. Look at the situation we are in now. Covid. Rural hospitals aren’t able to care for the people in their small community. Even big cities are ill equipped to fight this one. Why? This gave me a new insight into the issues we all will face.

NetGalley/ St. Martin’s Press March 09, 2021


Never have I been happier than the day this book arrived! Finally someone who understands Crohn’s Disease!

Whether you have just been diagnosed or like me, have been doing the best you can to avoid flares and figure out how to eat to keep yourself healthy and alive!

There are customized meal plans as well as food to eat during and after a flare up. And there is a lot of information on CD and other issues that may come with it. I have CD along with Celiac and Lactose Intolerance. All the women on my mother’s side have this. No one talked about it. We jokingly called it our secret diet since you eat and then you spend hours crying in the bathroom feeling as if you are giving birth to a large demon.

This cookbook has opened up a lot of options for me. I don’t do soy either and I was happy to see I could substitute with almond milk. The Bone Broth recipe was my favorite. That may seem odd but during and after a flare this is one of the only things I can eat. I can tolerate some meats but I don’t like meat so roasted chicken and salmon are the only ones I eat and then only after a flare.

And it’s hard to know what will kick off a flare. For example yesterday I was feeling too lazy to get out of the pool so I just grabbed two small pieces of OU Boy’s beef jerky. It was peppered. It took all of 5 minutes before I was running to the bathroom and I have been in pain since then. That is a flare.

Love the book and grateful to the author!

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can See

Black Friday has dawned exactly as its name suggests. Gloomy, dark, drizzle…uh.

It has been a horrible week and I am so glad it is over! In the continuing saga of ‘Is it the flu or pneumonia?’ I can now tell you officially it is pneumonia. OU Boy came in Wednesday afternoon and promptly passed out. Literally, passed the F out on the floor! So it was off to OU Med, where I explained to the E.R. nurse that we had been sick for days but now he was much worse. The nurse said, “Where is he? “I said, “Propped against the wall on the bench over there. And can I please have a face mask. There are germs in here.”

Turns out he was severely dehydrated to the point of his blood work being ‘wonky’. That is a medical term. So bags of fluids and antibiotics were given and in a few hours, we were sent on our way by the lovely doctor who wanted us home for Thanksgiving.

At least now he was no longer throwing up and felt stronger. He ate a cracker. I drank tea. Then we looked up the antibiotic she had prescribed and found out it has been taken off the market! 30,000 deaths and it’s still on store shelves! It has a Black Box Warning and must be off all shelves by 2020. WHAT??? Just go ahead and use it all up? Nope. The side effects were horrible. Basically, it said you could just lay there for 5 days and if you didn’t die, well, you were better. The doctor was appalled and we are not taking that one.

Turkey Day I put the bird in the oven and we spent the day in bed whining and coughing and spitting into cups while blowing our noses. It was disgusting. By the time I remembered there was a bird in the oven, it was done. That was when we realized that we had roasted it upside down and left the icky bits inside. That went to the trash bin quickly. After that, we gave up and went back to crackers and tea.

Hold on, it gets worse! Just after midnight OU Boy gets a call that the police are at one of our hotels and a woman is dead and a man in the hospital. Still not clear on all the details of how he got in their room, he was a Bounty Hunter and I can’t believe they just let him in. So he shot the woman on the loveseat and the man in the room somewhere. This is Oklahoma so that guy was just an idiot. He is so lucky the managers on duty didn’t pull out their own guns and shoot him. He never checked in to let us or the police know what was going down. Now he’s in jail.

So Black Friday, can you top that? I don’t think so. OU Boy is waiting for the scene to clear and I am hacking up a lung in bed wondering why The View is still on when all they do is yell at each other. On the good side, I’ve read 4 books in two days. 2019 reviews are in the draft folder.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and be kind, you really never know how much one act of kindness could mean to someone. Let someone else have the parking spot by the door, be thankful you can walk. Smile at the cashiers! Don’t be an asshat.

xx P



I was thrilled to get this one from Kensington Books! I spent the first 10 minutes laughing hysterically over that little quote at the top. In case you can’t see it, here it is.

“Buy this book if you have a vagina or if you spend any time at all in reasonable proximity to one” Aylet Waldman, NYT Best Selling Author.

One may think that an entire book about the vagina, written by an OB/GYN, would be a bit dry reading. One would be wrong. I have never highlighted so many pages and subjects before. To be educated in such an entertaining way kept me turning the pages faster and faster! There was a lot of WHAT? REALLY? WELL, WHO KNEW?

I wish I had had this book a long time ago. It answers every question you may ever have about the miracle that is the vagina. Whether you were born with one or had one built for you surgically, you’re covered. Trans men, Trans Women, Anyone with a vagina will have myths busted, and facts stated. From how to keep it clean, (please don’t steam it!) to why we have pubic hair, what the hymen is and is not and when and how to talk to your doctor about issues down there. Forget everything you’ve seen and heard from any celebrity. It’s debunked here. By a real doctor.

If I were a comedian I would want this book right now! I could do an entire show with material from this book! And my husband so appreciated the little tips and pictures I sent him at work. Mainly rubbing in the fact that the clitoris is solely for pleasure. The only body part for that! Amazing! We also get the low down on how long does sex last? How many times a month or year are people really having sex? What are the STI’s we should be screening for and getting vaccinated against? Tampons or Pads? Shave or wax?

I will be talking about vaginas for a very long time to anyone who will listen! Now my husband would like to know when the Penis Bible is coming. We all do babe, we all do.

Kensington  August 27, 2019