Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer? by Portia Porter, Esq.

Can You Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer? Tales of How Cunning Clien... by Portia Porter

Given the title one might think this is a self-help book for the cheapskate looking to get a divorce without spending a dime. However it is more about what it is like to start your own practice and avoid getting ripped off by clients and the legal system.

Part Fiction, part inside look at our judicial system and a lot of tongue in cheek hilarity! Having spent most of my life surrounded by divorce attorneys for one reason or another, I laughed so hard that I had to call a few paralegals just to read them spots. “But your Honor, we have the fax logs.” Used that one more than once.

I had no idea there was a legal comedy genre, but there is and this book fits nicely in that category. The judicial system in small towns is probably not that different from big cities, it’s just more likely that in a smaller town everyone knows everyone and things have been done a certain way for a long time. When you are the new lawyer on the block, it is hard. Neither clients nor judges come with little hashtags over their heads letting us know how honorable their intentions are. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they did?

There is nothing I like better than to be entertained and learn something along the way. And this book has hit every mark with me.

Whether you are a law student, a lawyer or think you may be in need of one some day this is your book. If you want a good laugh, this is your book. i am looking forward to more from Ms. Porter!

About The Author:

Portia Porter obtained her Ph.D. from The University of Chicago, a law degree from The University of Virginia, and practiced corporate and antitrust law with a top New York Wall Street law firm before opening her own divorce law practice. She practiced divorce law for about fifteen years before finally saying to herself: “You can’t divorce them all!”

If you have a divorce-related question that you are afraid to own up to, Portia is the one you should ask.

Portia lives in Ducklingburg, South Duck.

You can follow her on Amazon or Goodreads.