Oklahoma is lying to the country and the people! 5 Days in OU Med.

Before I get into our journey through the hospital, let me tell you how yummy this steep tea is! And it tastes even better in my Georgia Dawgs cup!

It’s actually good for blood pressure, which brings us to our story today.

For months now OU Boy has been throwing up every morning like clockwork. No baby, no nothing. And every time he sat down he fell asleep immediately. Sunday night was a bad night. His arm was hurting, he couldn’t catch a breath and we knew from a lot of past experience that he was having a heart attack.

So his Cardiologist said go straight to the Emergency Department. And here begins the lies we have been told.

A housekeeper came to the car to get him in a wheelchair. No badge. No PPE. We then were put in the heart section of the ED. Not one time did I see anyone wearing a PPE gown. Masks, yes, all the nurses and doctors.

We heard over the loudspeaker constantly calling Code Blue to whatever room and that was soon followed by Terminal Cleaning needed in whatever room.  We literally had to wait for someone to die to get into ICU. You can’t leave once you are there, so I had a lot of time to worry and watch and listen to the nurses and residents.

The news came on and the reporter said Oklahoma had 538 active cases. The nurse snorted and said, “Like we don’t have that many here alone.” I asked if everyone that came through was tested first. “NO. We are going broke and can’t afford to test everyone. We were tested right away and had results in an hour maybe.

Our nurses had only worked here for two weeks and were unfamiliar with our codes and setup. But they were amazing. For instance, there are NO urinals in the entire ED. Our nurse stole one she found in the OR. There are empty glove boxes in the rooms. There are no chairs, so I slept on the floor. The only PPE gown I saw was stashed under some towels in the cupboard still sealed.

Every single room, including the broom closet, is full of sick people. As I waited outside of OR, it was shift change. That is when I hear all of the nurses talking about going elsewhere. Talking about how their interviews went at other facilities. We never saw housekeeping except for the lady with no name tag that brought us in. Also, no pillows. Or blankets.

I waited for 6 hours for someone to call me or come out and let me know if he was even alive, because there were times in the night that he was not for a few seconds. No one came. Just me and the little man mopping. Because only one person per patient is allowed in and everyone had left for the day. Finally I saw a nurse and asked her to help me. She did and I will be forever grateful.  He had 4 100 percent blockages which they cleaned out the stents and even put in an extra. 

We came home late Thursday. It was the worst cluster f*** you have ever seen. But now I know I’ve been lied to. And I’m pissed about that. Shame on you Governor Shitt and shame on you little man trump. If you get nothing out of this but the fact that we had to wait for someone to DIE to get a bed while my husband was flat lining in the ED. This isn’t a hoax, hospitals are overflowing with sick people and no equipment. 

Thankfully OU Boy feels like he can run a marathon. He can not of course as they went in through his groin. But at least he is alive and we know we don’t have the plague. So that was our week. How was yours?

Stay Safe

xx P