Never have I been happier than the day this book arrived! Finally someone who understands Crohn’s Disease!

Whether you have just been diagnosed or like me, have been doing the best you can to avoid flares and figure out how to eat to keep yourself healthy and alive!

There are customized meal plans as well as food to eat during and after a flare up. And there is a lot of information on CD and other issues that may come with it. I have CD along with Celiac and Lactose Intolerance. All the women on my mother’s side have this. No one talked about it. We jokingly called it our secret diet since you eat and then you spend hours crying in the bathroom feeling as if you are giving birth to a large demon.

This cookbook has opened up a lot of options for me. I don’t do soy either and I was happy to see I could substitute with almond milk. The Bone Broth recipe was my favorite. That may seem odd but during and after a flare this is one of the only things I can eat. I can tolerate some meats but I don’t like meat so roasted chicken and salmon are the only ones I eat and then only after a flare.

And it’s hard to know what will kick off a flare. For example yesterday I was feeling too lazy to get out of the pool so I just grabbed two small pieces of OU Boy’s beef jerky. It was peppered. It took all of 5 minutes before I was running to the bathroom and I have been in pain since then. That is a flare.

Love the book and grateful to the author!

Hello September! Please Be Better Than August…

Can you believe it is September? Where did summer go? This has been the worst year ever. I’m about to ask my Momma if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table!

Everyone is adjusting to a new normal. Only normal is now a word I have forgotten the definition of. Oklahoma keeps plowing ahead with life as if nothing has happened. As if Rome wasn’t burning and the man playing the fiddle can’t even walk a straight line.

I find it easier to stay home. I get a lot of work done and there are no idiots here. Most days.

I am gradually phasing out of NetGalley. I only have 7 books left and they aren’t due until next April. I am still taking requests from publishers once a month, but I signed a contract with Amazon so that is what I have been doing.

The good news is I love technical writing. I can make your ugly sweater sound trendy and fresh. The not so good news is I’m receiving 6 to 12 packages a day. Oh it’s exciting at first, but then it’s just asking Where are we going to put all of this stuff? But they are great to work for and I still don’t have to leave the house. I do about 5 photo shoots a day and I try to finish up by 3 p.m.

We had 12 straight hours of heavy rain and lightening yesterday. Flooding streets and cars washed away. More expected today and the pool is already overflowing!

I hope everyone is well, healthy and getting the support they need.

xx P

Life in the time of the Plague!

It has been a bit since I was here. The main reason being I burned my fingertips and had little blisters for a week. They are doing better now but still bandaged.

We have been through all the emotions this year. Fear, Anger, Frustration, Uncertainty and let’s not forget the Anxiety Fairy who is working overtime. At first we were just in a holding pattern. Now we have pretty much accepted that we are on our own and need to look out for ourselves.

After the death of a woman at our hotel, a woman who the hospital released after two weeks mind you, we were all going down the depression hole again. Even though we are in a mask mandate, people coming from Texas and Florida have no regard for it and we can’t enforce it. What we can do is refuse to engage with those people and forbid them in the public areas.

We decided to just focus on things we can control. We wear masks and gloves everywhere. We shop when the least amount of people are around and get our veg from the farm. We have been wanting to do some home improvements and we have been knocking out ours and Grandma’s list! Bathrooms have been upgraded, kitchens as well. We have spent most of our time in the water and reviewing stuff.

I finally received an invitation from Amazon and signed a contract with them. Now the Prime guy and I are in a relationship. He texts me more than my husband and is always interested in what is in the 10 packages he brings everyday. And that is basically what my job is. They send me the 10 things a day I feel I can relate to and I tell them what I think. This job was invented just for me I’m sure! My kitchen has been upgraded from a new island to all new spatulas, whisks, and even salt and pepper shakers. It’s a tough job but the benefits are great!

OU Boy is back to work full time working crazy hours as some managers fall sick or have family members who are sick. We pass each other in the morning and that is about it. Friday we were both off and spent an entire day in the pool slipping off floats and just laughing and stealing kisses. We have really missed each other.

Today we are focused on those nasty storms in the Gulf. We heard from our family this morning and they told us the Weather Channel guy is in Bay St. Louis. In Mississippi we don’t panic until they show up. The last thing we all need is for hundreds of people to show up at shelters right now.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I also want to know how to go back to the old WP! If you know, share please!!!

xx P

Hello August! Please Be Gentle With Us!

Happy August! And Sunday!

This has been the strangest year so far. With the Plague, the Murder Hornets and Bounties on our troops, and everyone losing their everloving mind!

Let’s start with the plague. OU Boy and I had this before it had a name. It turned into pneumonia and while he bounced back, I did not. Six weeks of feeling horrible and finally just about the time they named it, I was better.

We went to the beach for a week in Texas and did not come into contact with anyone and we arrived home just as Texas became a hot spot.

On our days off we headed to a secluded lake and camped and hiked and turned off the news! Then one of the employees tested positive and came into work to tell us. SMH

So everyone got tested and they were all fine. And then I got it again. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Okay, that’s probably not true. Trump and his entire crime family could have it. It was bad. My doctor told me I was wheezing and put me on a nebulizer and steroids and the Z pac. Then told me I should probably go to the hospital.

I did not listen as I knew there were really sick and contagious people there. So home we go and I used the breathing machine for 4 solid days but tossed the meds. I tried explaining that it was swimsuit season and steroids make me bloat and I was allergic to the antibiotic. Finally this week I felt human. I was floating in my pool with a mask every day. So that explains where I have been. Much the same as everyone we are still in limbo with work and why in the world people keep coming from Texas and Florida and Iowa and complaining because Marriott is requiring a mask or you can leave. Some people have been downright violent. The world has lost its mind.

Curacao is still not letting us in so we have rebooked for November hoping we can, at last, get back. I hope you have all been well and I have missed reading your thoughts and adventures!

See you tomorrow!

xx P

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

We went to Mustang Island, Texas the 10th through the 14th. Saw some old missions and a few produce stands along the way and ended up in the Gulf of Mexico in Port Aransas.

After stopping for a gallon of Daiquiris, we hit the beach. There was a lot of social distancing that we paid for. Every umbrella and chair set up was 50 feet apart. It was mid-week so it wasn’t crowded at all. The waves were great except for a wicked rip current in the shallows.

Apparently, OU Boy is afraid of the ocean but went in anyway. Until a fish swam by. By nightfall, our bodies were beaten to death from surfboards, currents, and sun. I was asleep by ten!

We went to a few beach shops but they all had trump hats for sale and I let them know I would take my business elsewhere. Which I did. Back to my favorite store Roam Port. Picked up some gorgeous Swig cups and a Bibliotheque Paddy Wax candle in Louisa May Alcott. And lots of shrimp! I brought back a cooler full!

By  Saturday there was an hour-long line for the ferry! And no one had on a mask. So we pulled up stakes and drove home. We were sufficiently tanned and waterlogged and emotional. As soon as we passed the Texas – Oklahoma state line I burst into tears and sobbed like a baby. OU Boy pulled over at the one rest area in the state and was in a state!

What is wrong babe? I HATE THIS STATE SO BAD!!! Please just take me back to Texas and I’ll call Cynthia!  It was so dramatic.

So since then, I have been doing little work because I had long vacation nails to match my swimsuit and I can’t type shit! I did make this yummy Rhubarb Crisp with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

Stay Safe and Be Kind!

xx P


Happy Birthday, Momma! I Give You a Grandchild!

Today is my Momma’s birthday! Yes, the one I tell tales about. But this is a good tale.

I never know what to get her. She has everything, However, this one time, I gave her the gift of life.

I was pregnant and ready to have this mess over with. Momma had come to stay with me as I didn’t know nothing about having no babies. On June 6th I woke my husband up to tell him the bed had sprung a leak. It was a water bed. Turns out it had not. I had sprung a leak.

We got ourselves together and went to the hospital. A Catholic hospital. That is important because I was born in a Catholic hospital and my momma was still carrying a grudge against them because they told her that if she had complications their first priority was to save the baby. It was my first baby so I didn’t want to make a fuss so for 36 hours I screamed and cried and begged them to just kill me. Finally, my Momma spoke up and told them to get that baby out NOW! She threatened to take me to a real hospital. Finally, on her birthday, June 8th, they got that baby out! Happy Birthday Momma, here’s a baby.

I don’t know what I would have done without her. For months I was miserable. I loved my son but had no idea what to do with him. Thank you, Momma, for that and so much more. As for the said baby, he gave me my first grandchild. And don’t tell anyone, but he really is my favorite!

Enjoy and be safe!

xx P


I love it when a month begins on a Monday! All orderly and stuff. And the sun is shining and the pool is sparkling like diamonds. But the lawn guys are here so the allergy fairy is locking the doors and windows.

Wow, what a past few days we have had. It’s hard to believe this is the country my relatives fought for. Even though all of them were slave owners and relatively horrid people, I would have thought by now we would have all learned we aren’t “special”. That every human being is precious and worth protecting.

But this is what happens when you elect crooks. They lie, cheat, steal, and then like the psychopathic narcissists that they are they toss verbal and real grenades and then run away. It’s not just the senseless killing of people, it’s also the economy, the virus, the total lack of empathy in our orange man and his posse. We are fed up. We need an adult in charge.

OU Boy and I went to the OKC protests yesterday and there were rules. The organizers had a bull horn and you better not step out of line. When they left, the people on the fringe, who are always looking for a reason to act a fool, came in and acted a fool.

So take a breath and I’ll tell you a tale!

I received a text from my baby sister the other day. It simply said, “Your mother is a hot mess”. She’s “my” mother now. So I had to get the dirt. Turns out Momma asked her if she would shave her legs for her. Sister said, “NO, that is where I draw the line!”. Sidenote: That is nowhere near where I draw the line. So Momma proceeded to plop her tiny hiney on the edge of the tub to shave her own legs. First, she cut up her leg then slid off the tub onto the floor making her ribs hurt. Mind you, the first time we took her along with us on the sailboat, she slipped and broke a rib. We will never live that down. But we were all asking the question WHY? Why are you shaving your legs? Her answer was so she could wear capri pants. OU Boy kept asking WHO? As in who is she shaving for?

For that, we have to go a day earlier. She forgot to lock her front door at the retirement center and when she woke up from her nap on the sofa there was a naked old man standing there looking at her. I feel relatively confident it’s only the second time she has seen a naked man. But, hey, if it puts a pep in her step, who cares.

I hope that made you laugh. We all need to laugh. And I can always count on my Momma for a good one!

Love each other

xx P


Memorial Day in the USA

Monday, Memorial Day.

I am proud to say that I come from a long line of men and women who fought to get this country and keep it. From the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan, they have served their country. My Father, Uncles, brother, cousins, son, and daughter. Some came home mentally and physically damaged.

Today in the place that I currently am, they cancelled all celebrations because of bad weather. It’s Oklahoma y’all, it’s always bad weather. You know what isn’t cancelled? The Mall, the beach, the lakes, the parks, the stores and the Covid-19 Virus. Yeah!

I have to admit I didn’t realize it was a holiday weekend. Since OU Boy and I had the virus in February ( Thank you to the Chinese couple staying at our hotel) and it took 6 solid weeks for us to feel human. OU Boy did go to the hospital but his doctor filled him with fluids and sent him home. Since we both are immune-compromised we were able to get tests very fast. Now we have antibodies. Still, beginning in April we would drive to a lake with no one around and just be. No news, no negativity, no stupidity. Just peace. But then…

We had reservations at Ft. Cobb State Park and Lake. We love this area because it has a marina and a golf course. Plus it’s where the boat is. Due to the sickness OU Boy is only working 2 days a week. We have never had so much time together and I have to say he was about a day away from getting himself voted off this island! So regular hiking, swimming and communing with nature was vital, as I don’t want to go to jail.

 Why yes that is a buzzard eating an armadillo on a golf course.

So Thursday was great. Thursday night someone unleashed hell on us in the form of 45 mph winds, rain and hail. The living room portion of the tent collapsed in on itself and I just slept on. Friday we met up with the grandparents and went fishing on the lake, while also picking up burnt knees. Grandpa is not doing well so it is important to us that he squeezes every bit of fishing fun in that he can.


We said goodbye to them and went to our campsite. Turns out while we were gone every single site had at least 3 tents/boats/campers on it. It was insane. No boating etiquette at all and after the cops came, jetskis collided leaving one boy with an obvious compound fracture of the leg. Alcohol was involved. The music was a mixture of country, rap, and old rock. Then I managed to almost cut my finger off with a knife. The finger I need to unlock my phone! I turned around and looked at my hubby who immediately saw blood pouring down on the ground and he said, “Let’s go! Get that bleeding stopped and I’ll break camp!”. I’m just looking at the blood and thinking How am I going to use my phone? By the time he had everything packed, I had stopped the bleeding. Yes, I could have used a few stitches but what I had was Neosporin, Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape. My daddy brought up four daughters. We may act prissy but we are always prepared. So by 9 p.m., we were home and a huge storm hit the lake.

It was ridiculous everywhere we went. No masks, no social distancing, no precautions at all. So we decided we are Monday through Wednesday campers. Alone. Yesterday we just floated in the pool all day and now I have a burnt body. Yep, the entire thing. Today it is storming so I’m going to read. I hope you all have a safe day.

xx P


We had a ton of good books come out today! It’s a beautiful day and later there may be a tornado or two. Who knows?

In the lovely state I am currently in things have opened back up! Not every town. It’s up to the mayors. But the Governor, who is dumb as a box of rocks, speaks like Trump and can’t string an entire sentence together, is needing that oil and gas money! In OKC proper, our Mayor is letting the stay home order expire on Friday.

As we went for a ride in the car yesterday we saw things pretty much back to normal. Home Depots had lines out the door and massage parlors are open. Hmm… Redo your garden or get naked after a month at home. Nope.

I have been inhaling this Octavia Chocolate Earl Grey Tea. It is so mellow and the aroma is delicious. I had my window in the kitchen open and a neighbor walked by and asked what smelled so good. I’m using this photo for inspiration because we finally have a date to leave for Curacao! June 4th. Look out y’all. We shall return when this mess is over.

Have a great Tuesday. We are going to the lake with the bikes. Be Safe. Wear a Mask. Don’t piss off the cat, she’s ready for you to go back to work.

xx P


April 19, 1995.  A day that changed the country. A homegrown white boy parked a rented box truck in front of the Murrah Federal Building and a bomb detonated that left horror, outrage, grief, anger in a city that will never forget the ones who died, the ones who survived and all of the first responders who risked their own lives to rescue and recover so many people.

Domestic Terrorism. Killing over 168 people and injuring more than 680 others. It blew off a third of the building and the blast destroyed and damaged over 324 businesses in a 16 block radius. It was and still is the largest act of domestic terrorism.

The person responsible was arrested 90 minutes after the blast after being pulled over and arrested on warrants. He’s dead now.

In 1995 I was still in my Mississippi and this still shook my world. For OU Boy it was much more personal. This was a Federal Building. His Aunt Anne worked there and her daughter went to the daycare. Luckily, Heather was sick that day so Anne was home. Her husband, Kevin was with the OKCFD and was a first responder. I’ve never heard him talk about what he saw and did.

By the time I moved here after Katrina, the landscape downtown looked very different. Normally this day would be full of remembrances, church services and, the marathon. Not this year. OU Boy and I went yesterday to the site. A chair and a light for every victim. Items on the fence left to honor loved ones. The museum is closed but we went because we never want to forget what happened. What hate looks like. How 25 years later people are still struggling with what happened to them or their children.

This has now become the Oklahoma Standard. Coming together as one to do what it takes to care for each other. For my friends who were there that day, I love you. To the loved ones lost, I grieve and remember you.

xx P