Well, that went by quickly! Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! Or Thursday as we call it here. I hope everyone had some time off for whatever you celebrate. This year was a nod to my mostly French side. Since it was just the two of us, we put in the minimum amount of effort.

Our goal was to stay in our pajamas all day. As you can see we smashed it!


We invited our new neighbor over to hang out with us. She is an honest to goodness Yankee. As in Boston! A former nun. We brought out the Bellinis and a Charcuterie platter and proceeded to watch Prancer and cry and eat cheese and drink. We ran out of Prosecco early on. We had popped a nice roast beast in the french oven with a bed of carrots and fingerling potatoes. And had a decadent Yule log with dark chocolate ganache. Then we watched E.T.

In the evening we started a jigsaw puzzle someone gifted us and ate more cheese. It’s one time a year that I am stuffing my face with any cheese available. While we spoiled each other with gifts, my favorite thing was this:


They smell insanely good and I adore them. This morning I have disposed of all of the cheese, cakes, and empty wine bottles. It’s such a gorgeous day I think I’ll go for a nice long walk and then to the gym to work off that cheese.

Enjoy your day and be kind.

xx P

The Anxiety Fairy is here. She brought friends.


Monday. Not my favorite day. It should be in the high 60’s today so I am not complaining.

I cracked my Goodreads Goal. 205! Never again. This weekend I read a most touching and informative book called Hill Women. This is the fourth book this year I have read within the Appalachians. Powerful and strong women getting things done with very few resources. It was humbling.

I also binge-watched The Witcher and now will wait a year for more!  But I loved it. Especially the Witcher. A man of few words and a lot of Hmmm. Every once in a while he just pops up with a good “Hmmm”. Since men of few words are my favorite type of men, I loved it.

That pesky Anxiety Fairy popped her head in this weekend heralding my fancy holiday anxiety that is now in full swing. Who knows why? Sometimes it’s a specific thing and other times it’s just a general buzz under my skin just thinking about holidays and expectations. Not to mention crowds. At least I shall be spared the fiasco at OU Boy’s family gathering as they are still not speaking to us since the great summer vacation scandal where I aired all of their dirty laundries. Their words, not mine. I never mentioned names and I assumed they knew their son was a tweaker and drug addict. Especially since they had an intervention a few weeks later. He’s still tweaking.

My family is up in the frozen tundra of the Dakota’s. I love you but I have no intention of going north of Oklahoma. Ever. I don’t have that type of blood. And I’m probably not invited there either after this weekend group text where my one sister asked what we were all doing for Christmas Day. Apparently, my reply of Not Being Impeached did not go over well with my Border Patrol sister.

I have one Blog Tour left this year and it is for J.T.Ellison’s Good Girl’s Lie. Wicked good fun! Have a great whatever you celebrate and tune in tomorrow for our favorite reads of 2019.

xx P



Let it Snow…just somewhere else!

Happy Sunday Y’all!  No, we do not have snow. We have gloom and light drizzle this morning and it’s 30 something but we aren’t getting snow. I finally figured out our weatherman covers the entire state, not just OKC. When he talks of snow, he means far NW Oklahoma. But after watching White Christmas, I remembered how romantic snow is. Or so I thought until I actually was in North Dakota the first winter of college.

Thrilled to see but I cried the entire time I was there and whined about frostbite and how does your snot freeze?? St. Simon’s Island doesn’t get snow. We are very smart people!

So hope your weekend is going well. I was up and out the door early because Hurt’s Donuts had a Coconut Cream Pie Filled Donut and I wanted to own it. So out we went and this is our haul!

While OU Boy isn’t an adventurous eater, he is always up for donuts. He chose a classic chocolate long john and an old fashioned donut. Maybe he thought it would taste like the old fashioned he had at Pearl’s last night. No, it did not. I loved the guy behind the counter. He was naming things and then we would both put our hands over our hearts and swoon a little. I love that boy. I told him straight up these were for photoshoots and this is what we came up with. A Cherry Cheesecake filled donut. A Coconut Cream Pie filled donut, A Nutella/Peanut Butter filled donut, An Apple Pie filled donut, and one called the Jesus and I have no idea what is in that but it looked good. And one Chocolate Bavarian Cream. I cut a tiny piece of the Coconut one and promptly put them all in the freezer. Not today Satan, not today.

Now we are a bit odd in our holiday shopping. I pick out all my favorite things and OU Boy goes by and picks them up. That done, it was time for a cup of tea and a calm sit down. So since we were in Edmond we went here:

If they would let me live here I would be happy. And it’s not out of the question as there is a lovely B & B behind it! With help from the lovely and very knowledgeable Claire, I ordered the lunch tea. It came with a heavenly Blueberry Scone and a side of Lemon Curd along with a Quiche Lorraine with so much Gruyere! Along with fruit and a huge slice of Coconut Cake! The tea I chose was Partridge in a Pear Tree. It was so delicious I had to find Claire and buy an entire bag!

They do all types of teas and have private areas for groups. I made a reservation for high tea next week. Even OU Boy loved it and Claire allowed him to order from the kids’ menu because ham and cheese on a croissant are as adventurous as he’s going to get. It is such a calming place and they sell Tea, Coffee, wonderful Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars and you can taste them all. It truly refreshed our spirits as well as our bodies.

Today is gym day and grocery day. Stay warm and remember to stop and take care of you this season and every day!

xx P

Sunday Snuggles and Gingerbread Latte Cake and Football.

Good Sunday to y’all. I’m dreaming of snow but the weatherman says an 8 percent chance this year. I’m good with that. As romantic as snow and ice skating is, it’s cold. Snot running down your nose is not romantic or cute. You know what is cute? Fuzzy socks, hot chocolate and Netflix!

Yesterday I was fully engrossed in a book that was so compelling it was past dinner time when I came up for air. Then we had to watch Georgia lose to LSU which killed my soul! But OU took out Baylor to go to my neck of the woods to play in the Peach Bowl.

Today we are still taking it easy because, pneumonia and stuff pouring out of our noses, lungs, and lack of sleep. So far today we have had breakfast in bed, tea in bed while watching Queen of the Damned for the hundredth time on Netflix.

Thursday I received a large shipment of tea. The gingerbread tea was so good I had to think of a way to cook with it. And boy did I! Welcome to my creation. I call it Gingerbread Latte’ Cake with an Espresso Glaze. I didn’t eat any of it. I sent it to the Marriott and the cake stand came back without one crumb.

It smelled great and OU Boy said it was delicious and that his workforce had attacked it like vultures. For the liquid, I used the gingerbread tea! Which added another layer of flavor to it. The Espresso Glaze was just the right amount of sweet. I think I was most proud of the girl who said, “This tastes like a Gingerbread Latte’!” And that was where the name comes from.

Now I’m going to go cheer for the 49ers against the Saints. Yes, I am still holding a grudge against the Saints for trading Bobby Hebert.

Have fun!

xx P


Gratitude turns what we have into enough. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday! I’m sure the markets are packed with last-minute shoppers for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feasts!

Since OU Boy has the flu and it is awful, we aren’t doing any huge thing this year. Being grateful that the Native Americans gave us refugees dinner that one time before we slaughtered them all and now will feed us at their casinos.

This year has been up and down. Much like everyone’s I imagine. The good, the bad and the oh so ugly! One thing I have learned is that you should believe people when they show you who they are the first time. I am thankful for the community of support for Crohn’s Disease and Anxiety Disorders. I am thankful for a husband who loves me faults and all and shows me every day!

I’m thankful for all of the book bloggers and authors we support. And Free Speech! I am thankful that I have created a family that I need and didn’t just accept the one they gave me. Whoever ‘they’ are. And we are all thankful for pie. And tea. And books. And Kindness. Sprinkle that shit liberally on all of your holiday celebrations.

And share. Whether it’s a plate of turkey or a slice of pie, share with someone. And my final piece of advice, you are now an adult, which means you can eat Thanksgiving food any time of the year you want! Yes!!

What did one turkey say to the other? “What are you thankful for?” “Vegetarians”.

Gobble, Gobble.

xx P

Read and Buried by EVA GATES

Read and Buried

Lighthouse Library Mystery #6

When we last left Lucy and The Bodie Island Lighthouse Library, Lucy and Bertie were thinking of ways to raise money to repair the foundation. Now the work is not far from completion. The Book Club is reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.  Quite apt with the huge equipment digging all around the library and way down.

Things are humming along when the foreman comes running in demanding Bertie and Lucy follow him to the dig site. They have found something and no one is touching it until they see it. Buried treasure? Civil War relics? They find a box. Inside, a small diary with nothing inside but the tides and the weather for each day. Oh! And 2 pages that have fallen out. One is a marked map with numbers on it and one sheet looks like something written in code.

Everyone from Louise Jane to Diane and Curtis are fighting to see the papers and Bertie is even fending off the other historians who are planning a Settler’s Day soon on the grounds. One in particular. One who wants what he wants now. And when he is found dead in Bertie’s office and the map and coded paper are missing, everyone is intent on cracking the code and finding treasure.

There was a really nice subplot concerning The Freedman’s Colony and the new development the city is fighting. I really enjoyed the history lesson.

Lucy tried so hard not to stick her pert little nose in things but we all know her better than that.  But this time she may end up on the wrong side of history! Unless her arch-nemesis can save the day!

I love this series. A lighthouse and a library? And Charles the library cat? Cuteness overload.

Well Done!

NetGalley/ October 8th, 2019 by Crooked Lane Books





Since I am not a native Oklahoman, but a Georgia/Mississippi girl, I couldn’t imagine any authors of note coming all the way to Oklahoma. At the same time as the State Fair, which always means days of rain. But boy was I in for a surprise! So in the pouring down rain and winds, off we went to the Boathouse District, hoping people would come out. Well you know book people, we don’t care if it’s a tornado, we’re going to get our books signed!

I’ve been looking forward to this for months now. As soon as I heard Scott Pelley and Anne Hillerman were going to headline, brought to us by the lovely Jane Anne Jayroe, an Oklahoma native who has had a huge impact in many areas. She met Scott Pelley working as a young on-air reporter in Dallas. He also married a Jane from a small Oklahoma town. She has been Miss Oklahoma, Miss America and worked for former Governor Frank Keating. She’s involved in everything and is a beautiful person.

    Here is Jane introducing Scott and his book. He was such a good sport about the weather! And he made me cry like a baby, but so did his book. We were sitting between the former governor and Jane. At the end of his reading and chat he said, “I’ve never been to a tent revival, but I guess now I have!” And then proceeded to be gracious and had people standing in a long line for books. I did not stand in line as I had the book.

Then look who I bumped into! Our own author from Norman,OK, Eileen Hobbs who writes great children’s books.

   She is used to our crazy weather and wasn’t in the least fazed! The grands love this series!

Since I had just finished Sheila Robert’s “A Christmas From The Heart”, I had to go see Sheila!

What a sweetheart. All the way from Seattle, she’s used to rain but I was thrilled that she came to again, Oklahoma! What a gracious and lovely lady!

I had two ulterior motives for throwing in with this festival. The red double-decker coffee bus and the 100% Vegan food truck. And I was not disappointed!

   Plato’s Provisions is a truck I’ve been trying to pin down for a bit now. Now I have a schedule. The food is fresh, plentiful and delicious! And the people are so nice! Now you know OU Boy isn’t eating this. Oh no, he went to the hotdog truck, which doesn’t deserve a picture.

   Our version of a London double-decker bus! And yes you can sit up top! Junction Coffee. Seriously the best coffee I have ever had! Better than Starbucks. And again, I got their schedule!

We ran by the Farmer’s Market on the way home to change out of rain clothes and into “it’s hot as hell and humid” clothes.

Wildflowers from Urban Co-op 

The Urban Agrerion sells produce and products from local sources only. OU Boy found a perfectly ripe cantaloupe and I grabbed a gorgeous little bouquet of wildflowers, sunflowers, and herbs. Smells delish!

And finally, I tried doing a video. Just scanning the entire area and apparently, I forgot it was on. So that part at the end was some college kid staring me down over my FSU hoodie. If you didn’t already know my first language is sarcasm, you will shortly.