#2 Spice Isle Bakery Mystery

Someone in Brooklyn’s Little Caribbean neighborhood has an appetite for murder in Olivia Matthews’ Hard Dough Homicide.

The second book in this new series has us in Brooklyn’s Little Caribbean neighborhood with Lyndsay and her family. One of my favorite families.

Owners of the Spice Isle Bakery, they are looking for ways to up their income when a query comes in about a retirement dinner for the local high school principal, Emily. The problem is no one likes her. She was a horrible boss to Lyndsey’s mother and maybe if they make up an outlandish figure, the group will go elsewhere. But no such luck. For some reason they are insistent.

As I said, she isn’t well liked and only six people show up. But not all will make it past the meal.

As Emily begins convulsing, after eating the curry, she is soon dead. Of course, the police are going to look at the bakery owners. And that publicity is definitely the bad kind. Sending customers running. Nothing kills a food business quicker than poison!

But the Murray family isn’t going to sit idly by and get railroaded into jail. Nope, they will stick their noses into everyone’s business to make sure the family stays intact.

NetGalley/ May 23, 2023, St. Martin’s Paperbacks


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    Well shared ingredients.


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