Kat, Flossie, and Lauren are half-sisters who share a famous artist father – and a terrible secret.

Charles Finch is an artist who had a habit of sleeping around. Each girl has a different mother, but only one of them did he truly love. They are so close in age, it’s obvious to them all that there was a lot of overlap in their births.

Raised by three very different mothers, they each tell their side of a story that they are all trying to forget. Except for Lauren, who doesn’t remember much about that eclipse in Rock Point, the Cornish mansion where they were hosted every August by their father and his parents.

Lauren is the odd one out. Her mother loved her and her father loved her. The other two have always been jealous and have tortured Lauren mercilessly.

The father is the typical artist. Forcing them to sit for a painting with a birdcage. It’s wildly accepted and now who knows where it is.

So many secrets in this book! They may be half-sisters, but oh my are they mean girls!

And whatever happened in 1999 during the eclipse has shattered so many lives and someone who knows it all is now threatening to get them all if they don’t leave. Someone knows what happened that summer.

Now their father has summoned them back to Rock Point for an announcement of some kind. You can bet it won’t be a good one. The girls reluctantly go and fall back into their old pattern of picking on Lauren, until she starts to remember what happened that night, with the help of my favorite character, Bertha the talking parrot who spills all!

Very descriptive and very true in the relationships with half/step-siblings. The ending was shocking and satisfying.

NetGalley/April 28th, 2022 by Penguin

2 responses to “THE BIRDCAGE by Eve Chase”

  1. This sounds so good and very different too!

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  2. A very intriguing plot, unfortunately, too typical with men who sleep around.

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