A Dark and Secret Place

This was a page- turner! Communes, secrets, vengance and more! This thriller was a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Heather Evans has returned home to deal with her mother’s suicide. Everyone is acting sketchy about the whole thing. Cryptic notes, people following her, it’s not what she expected to be dealing with. But with her gut telling her it wasn’t just a suicide, she plunges into the mystery.

The first thing she finds is a stack of letters her mother had been writing to a serial killer! Called the Red Wolf, Michael is in prison for the grisly and ritualistic murders of many women. And the thing is, they are still happening. So what is going on? Is he as innocent as he claims?

In order to figure this mystery out, she is going to have to go to Michael for answers. Unfortunately, those answers may get her killed.

This was a twisty one and I loved it!

NetGalley/June 8th, 2021 by Crooked Lane Books

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