For fans of Queenie and Such a Fun Age comes a deliciously gritty and strikingly bold debut novel about discovering love where it has always been.

Meet Elsie. She is 28, funny, and independent and living alone in south London. Her life has not been easy and her life consists of writing poetry, working long hours for little pay in a bar. Her coworker, Bea, relieves some of her dread, but the one morning she wakes up with Bea next to her, the cops are also beating on the door.

She is being evicted. Now. With no options, she calls her her friend, Juliet, who she hasn’t spoken to in a year. Seems to be some baggage there.

The poetry is lovely. What could have been a good story of love and healing, was just dull.

NetGalley/ April 25, 2023

One response to “ROSEWATER by LIV LITTLE”

  1. Nothing worse than dull. Too bad.

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