You Shouldn’t Have Come Here by JENEVA ROSE

Meet Grace Evans, a New York girl trying to relax. Throwing a dart at a map is how she tells people she chose an Airbnb on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Both she and her host, Calvin Wells, are surprised by their instant connection. But is a hot host worth no cell service or internet service when you are in the backwoods and your car won’t start? Hmmm

When the local sheriff shows up to question Calvin about a guest he had that never returned home, she gets an uneasy feeling. But Calvin has an explanation for everything.

This is told from both points of view. Calvin seems quickly obsessed with Grace and she is getting some not-cool vibes. And she should pay attention to those vibes!

I have never read a book by this author and I am really happy I read this one. As someone who reads hundred of book in the Mystery /Thriller genre, I was getting a bit tired of the poor woman trope. This was no poor woman and I am here for it!

NetGalley/ April 25, 2023, Blackstone Publishing

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