From one of my favorite books, The Lilac Girls, comes another beautifully told story about two young women who team up to survive the horrors of WWII, but to also bring to justice those who perpetuated the cruelty.

Two unlikely women from two very different backgrounds.

The American, Josie Anderson, and the Parisian Arlette LaRue team up to circumnavigate WWII by helping the resistance. Stealing secrets so quietly they earn the name Golden Doves. The French love them. The Gestapo has them on a wanted poster I’m sure.

And eventually, they are arrested and sent to the notorious Ravensbruck. Together with their loved ones to endure such tortures they never imagined. There a Nazi doctor will do horrendous things to Josie’s mom, a Jewish woman who is a well-known singer who is in Paris to be with her daughter. It is also the place Arlette’s son is taken. A loss that is haunting.

After the war, these two are not done. Josie goes to the Army to continue bringing people to justice for the atrocities they endured.

The doctor who tortured them has been spotted in French Guiana, and the danger will be real. But these women have wills of steel! They aren’t giving up and will fight all the way.

NetGalley/April 18th, 2023 by Ballantine Books

  • Martha Kelly is one of the best researchers I have ever seen. This is based on true stories and the amount of love she writes with is beautiful.

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