Following up City of Fire with City of Dreams. An epic story reminiscent of Godfather movies.

If you have been paying attention, Winslow is the author of the Trilogy, The Power of the Dog, The Cartel, and The Border. Which pretty much tell you everything you need to know about the mexican drug cartel.

Now we are back in Providence with Danny Ryan and the mob. The Italians and the Irish. Always fighting for power and money. But things have gone sideways for Danny and his little group of guys and now he is on the run from everyone. The mob, the family, the feds and the Mexican family.

Tired of running and wanting to make a home for his son, he heads to California. Leaving Ian with his mom in Las Vegas. I think anyone would be safe with his mother! But Danny gets into the movie business and falls for an actress. But what comes with dating an actress? Papparazzi.

It isn’t long before he has the mob on his trail as well as the drug guys, the good feds and one that is just looking for payback. Danny will need to decide what his freedom is worth before this city of dreams turns into a nightmare.

It is no secret I am a big fan of this author. If he is anywhere near my city on tour, I will be there. He has a style of writing that makes the pages skip by and keeps me hanging on until I either fall asleep or finish the book. Now I must wait for the third one. I will wait.

NetGalley April 18, 2023 William Morrow

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