From New York Times bestselling author Sally Hepworth, comes a twisty new domestic suspense novel in The Soulmate

The Queen of Domestic Suspense is back with another sizzling tale!

The Gerards are in their dream house. It’s in a coastal town outside of Melbourne. On the side of a cliff, it is also a popular suicide spot. But Pippa loves the house and wants to raise their two daughters there.

Things were a bit off from the beginning. Gabe is suspicious. There is just something there I do not trust.

The Spot attracts those seeking peace and an end to whatever life has thrown at them. Gabe seems to have a gift for talking them down safely. Until the night he doesn’t. A woman appears to be yelling at Gabe and Pippa can’t see much but suddenly the woman is gone and Gabe is standing with his arms outstretched.

Death is ruled a suicide. Gabe’s explanation is the woman was devastated over her husband having an affair. Why else would she be there? I am so glad you asked because her husband knows it wasn’t a suicide and he is not about to stand around and do nothing about it.

One small crack in the foundation of their lives and secrets begin spilling out of everyone! No one was who I thought they were!

This was such a puzzle! I never want her books to end. This was a twisty, suspenseful tale! We love it.

NetGalley/April 4th, 2023 by St. Martin’s Press


  1. Great review Patty. Glad you also loved this. ❤📚

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  2. R-U-N-S to the library…………..

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  3. I really enjoy Sally Hepworth’s books and wanted to read this one. 😃 I want to read it even more now after your review. Thanks so much!!

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    1. I enjoy her so much. And she is so sweet.


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