Can love make a broken person whole?

That is the question. If you are thinking of reading this one, go ahead. It is that good!

What is it about?

This reminded me of Little Women. A more modern version.

William has grown up in a house. Not a home. To William, it seems as if they only had enough love for one child and it isn’t him. His parents are cold to him and it is hard to read about.

On the basketball court, however, people are noticing him. He has skills and those skills have earned him a scholarship

When he meets Julia Padavano, she is as outgoing as he is reserved and quiet. But she loves that about him. Julia comes with a family. She has three charming sisters. Cecelia, the artist, Emeline, the one who cares for them all, and Sylvie, a dreamer, a bookworm, and dreaming of a different path than wife and mother. And the more the merrier as they welcome William into the family.

But the past darkness catches up to him and shatters the carefully planned future and bonds will be broken.

This is a beautiful book. The question we ask ourselves is, Can we still love someone in spite of who they are or because of who they are? I have sobbed my way through this book and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

NetGalley/ March 28th, 2023 by Dial Press

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