A Scottish Bookshop Mystery

We are back with Delaney in Edinburgh! Edwin has been mysteriously called away leaving Delaney to run a tour on short notice.

But on the first night there is a body. And people acting suspiciously. Delaney has a lot on her plate and is getting no clear answers. Why would the inn owner jump off of the roof?

Then one of the group goes missing. Puzzling clues abound.

Much like a scavenger hunt, she is searching clues all over Edinburgh, trying to save the shop and herself.

This is such a good series. I love Delaney and Tom and the entire bunch. And it’s set in a bookshop with quirky characters and mysterious warehouses. Always a pleasure.

NetGalley/April 04, 2023, St. Martin’s Press


  1. I’m a couple behind in this series, so need to get caught up. This one sounds fun.

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