This is marketed as a Mystery/Thriller. I think I may go with Cozy Mystery.

Katie True has failed. At adulting. Now she is back home living with her claustrophobic parents and settling for a job at a Russian knickknack shop. There she also reads the Tarot. Interesting angle. I liked it.

Katie has one true friend. Marley. Marley is everything Katie is not. And she works across the mall from Katie. Or she did.

The day Katie is working by herself, a strange guy comes in with a bleeding head wound, acting sketchy and wanting his cards read. Sure, Katie can do that. But when she sees a picture on his phone of her friend Marley with a bullet in her head, she is going to find out who and why.

She will risk everything to find out what happened to her friend.

This was okay at first but quickly turned into more of a young adult mystery.

NetGalley/ RHPG/Ballentine March 28, 2023

2 responses to “PLAY THE FOOL by LINA CHERN”

  1. RonniešŸ„€ Avatar

    Okay where can I find this to read!!šŸ˜


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