Chocolate Bunny Betrayal by TONYA KAPPES

It’s Springtime in Holiday Junction and the Hip Hop Hurray Easter Festival is getting underway. With bunnies vying for the top spot of Easter Bunny, and a baking competiion with some serious bakers!

Our town reporter and part-time detective, Violet, is covering the events when one of the judges dies clutching a chocolate bunny. While there are a lot of bunnies here, the chocolate ones were made by the bakers. One of those bakers is Violet’s grandmother. Is the baking competition really that competitive?

Violet is not the type to sit around waiting for the police to clear her grandmother’s name. Nope. She is going to stick her nose into everyone’s business.

The characters are so human and so funny. We have the bunny hopefuls, who are an odd group and the bakers, who aren’t above a little mischief in the kitchen and a lot of clues to sift through! Hopefully before the killer strikes again!

I adore the holiday books. It’s a chance to catch up with our favorite characters in between waiting for new books to come out! There really is something for everyone in this cozy mystery series, so check it out!

March 23, 2023

One response to “Chocolate Bunny Betrayal by TONYA KAPPES”

  1. This sounds cute. I also enjoy a good holiday cozy.

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