RED SKY MORNING, The Epic True Story of Texas Ranger Company F, by Joe Pappalardo

The Texas Rangers cast a big shadow. One of myth and legend but not many known facts.

This is the story of one group of Rangers. They did a lot more than hunt down bad guys. There were land disputes, cattle disputes, Indian problems, and even family feuds.

Sergeant James Brooks was with Company F, and between 1886 and 1888, he was in three fatal fights, had many bullet wounds, chased down countless outlaws, and was even convicted of murder!

While they may have had a larger-than-life presence, when they meet the Conners, they may be in over their heads.

This was a challenge to read. Timelines jumped. Obviously, the author did his research, but it just didn’t feel organized to me. And I did feel lost a few times.

NetGalley/June 28th, 2022 by St. Martin’s Press

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