The Williams women don’t just keep secrets…

They bury them.

This was different. Multiple points of view and it all came together so well.

Pearl Williams is a legend. And the sheriff has been trying to pin something on her for a very long time. When he couldn’t he went after her granddaughters. Looking for anything that would put Pearl behind bars.

Pearl is a no-nonsense woman who solves her own problems and doesn’t take guff from anyone! With the family set to celebrate her eightieth birthday, once again, Pearl gets the last word by up and dying! Now the girls must plan a funeral while everything is going to heck in a hand basket!

You have Tara, a pastor’s wife, making decisions that could end her husbands career. June, a nurse married to a doctor who only wants a baby and just can’t carry one. Lucky for June she works in a maternity ward. Then we have Clementine, the baby, who is having an affair with her professor all the while knowing he is scum. Stephanie makes up the fourth. Sister-in-law to the sisters and married to the brother. Still an outsider but also keeper of the dirty secrets. She is kind of a wild card in the story.

But, exactly how many people are we burying today? Well, one of the men who have come is now missing. Hm…maybe they learned what to do with troublesome men from Gran!

This was such a good story! Crazy and wild and a lot of WHAT?

NetGalley/  March 14, 2023, Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA

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