Solomon’s Crown by Natasha Siegel

Let’s start with what the author says about this book:

I wrote this book! SOLOMON’S CROWN is a genre-bending medievalist romance that is outspokenly alt-history and joyously queer. It takes inspiration from the events and people of the past, but the characters are entirely fictionalized. If you like the sound of ornate prose, rivals to lovers (and enemies to lovers), political intrigue, and pining across battlefields, I think you might enjoy it. I’m so excited to share it with everyone!

I was excited to read this book. I love world history and especially Phillip and Richard. What a wonderful job this author has done with this alt-history look at this time in history.

It is the twelfth century in Europe and Philip has gained a wife and a throne as the King of France. He is young and so is his bride. They seem to enjoy reading more than being married, and I get that! Philip has had to grow up in a hurry. A boy king with a father who isn’t all there and surrounded by other kings and their sons who want to dethrone Philip.

The worst is his enemy, King Henry, of England. With several sons, but none who are loyal, he is trying to best Philip.

After a couple of years his son, Richard finally comes to pay his respects to Philip. Philip is anxious to make a deal with Richard but it is a deal that his heart is making and not necessarily his head.

Richard, Duke of Aquitaine, and a son who never dreamed he would be King. But things happen and here we are. As is so often the case enemies have turned into lovers and they will be questioning their motives for wanting to be the one wearing the crown.

Will they go to war or will they let love win? There was so much intrigue in this book and I loved it! If this is alt-history I am all in.

NetGalley/March 14th, 2023 by Dell

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