Julia Kelly is one of those writers who can immerse you into whatever she is writing about. It took me a bit to come out of this one. Heartbreaking yet hopeful.

It’s 1935 in Liverpool. Viv has been raised in a really strict and Catholic family. Her only hope to get out from under her stern mother’s control is to marry. And she will be doing that. But first she got pregnant. And her mother is not happy to say the least.

Add to that the boy is Jewish. And oh, my momma hates that. And once she finds out he has plans to go to New York to become a Jazz musician, she has a plan of her own.

Now that little Maggie is five, her grandmother pressures Viv to send her to the country to get her out of the line of fire, as the big war threatens. Viv is resistant but finally comes around.

But, has her mother been truthful with her? I doubt it.

As Joshua gives up his musical dreams and heads home to fight for his country, Viv will spend a long time looking for their daughter.

The choices we make can have such long reaching effects. This was a story about those decisions. Full of struggle, heartbreak, hope and love,this is a good one!

NetGalley/ Gallery Books March 07, 2023

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