From the author of the sensational bestseller, The Lost Apothecary comes a spellbinding tale about truth, illusion and the grave risks women will take to avenge the ones they love.

Sarah Penner grabbed me with The Lost Apothecary and I have been eager for this one to arrive!

The year is 1873. Under the expert tutelage of famous spiritualist, Vaudeline D’Allaire, and her protege, Leann Wickes, are holding court in an abandoned chateau outside of Paris. Famous for conjuring spirits all over the world. Also known for those spirits to cause trouble now and then. Some say she is dangerous, but to Lenna and anyone else looking for the killer of a loved one, she is a long shot.

Lenna Wickes is in Paris to find out who killed her sister and why. While Lenna and her sister, Evie, had both been investigating The London Seance Society. No women are allowed so it’s a tough job to get inside. And remember the time period. Women were still being looked down on.

Murders are piling up and the women are highly suspicious of the men’s only club. After some checking, it seems as if they are not all as ethical and above board as they would have us believe. In fact, someone has been using tricks in the seances.

As they team up with the men to find out who killed Evie, they aren’t so sure they are not about to join her!

I enjoyed this book. The women fighting back were especially good. The relationships were scandalous and none of them cared.

Sarah is always giving us good stories and I am loving them.

NetGalley/: March 21st, 2023 by Park Row


  1. Wonderful review, Patty. I also loved her last book and am looking forward to this one. I do love when women fight back.

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