Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six is a psychological thriller about three couples who vacation in a luxury cabin in the woods of Georgia. With the threat of a hurricane, hidden motives come to light, affairs are revealed, and a dark secret is unearthed, culminating in murder.

Lisa Unger always brings the thrills! This one has a DNA and genealogy angle and I am here for it!

When does a relaxing weekend turn into a locked room mystery? When everyone is lying and covering up their bad deeds.

Family is complicated enough without finding out you are part of a large group of half-siblings conceived with sperm donors. In Thrillers, sperm donors are notoriously evil so this should be fun.

Hannah and Bruce are coming, as well as Hannah’s brother and his wife along with her best friend and her man of the hour. But no one seems particularly excited by it. Especially Hannah’s husband, Bruce, who is hiding something, but what?

Tech moguls are usually pretty intense, and Hannah’s brother, Mako, is no exception. Everyone is acting strange. None more so than their host who is watching it all from hidden cameras and I wish the storyline would have explored that more. It seemed to be a red herring that we didn’t need.

Also coming is a giant storm, which adds to the spooky ambiance. Not only do the guests have backgrounds, but so does the house!

When the power goes out and people start to disappear, Hannah isn’t sure if she can trust her brother or her husband.

There were more than enough plot lines and I almost forgot some of the characters’ real names. There have been quite a few thrillers lately using the DNA plotline. I didn’t see the motivation for the killings unless the person is mentally ill. I would have liked to see that explored more.

This one wasn’t my favorite, but you know I’ll be in line for the next one!

NetGalley/ Park Row February 16,2023


  1. Nice review, Patty. It wasn’t one of my favourites either, but like you, I will be ready to read her next book.

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