Inspector Mislan Thriller

It’s been eight months since Mislan Latif almost lost his life to an assassination attempt. Not much can keep him away from work. Now he is back to his never ending detective life along with his assisstant, Johan Kamaruddin.

And what have these two gotten into now? Well, it’s an odd double murder. Two men have been killed execution-style. With nothing to identify them. No wallet, no phone, and no paperwork. However, the close to three pounds of drugs on the bed, is an interesting clue.

Of Course, no one heard anything. No one knows anything, so who called the police? This is a bad area with drugs and foreigners operating illegally. So what now?

Glad you asked! Covid-19 is also happening all over. Which means some unexpected roadblocks. There are restrictions on moving about. People are afraid and no one is talking. The two are doggedly following leads and the going is slow, but when they go into the world of refugees and illegal activity, they may need to start looking closer to home.

Will this be the end of the duo? I have only read one other story by this author and it was one of the Inspector books. I enjoyed it a lot. This one I enjoyed as well.

NetGalley/ Skyhorse Publishing March 07, 2023

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