It’s watching.

Liz Rocher is going home. Nothing short of her best friend’s wedding would have gotten her to come back.

She’s had some rough times lately too. A break-up, gained some weight, cut off her hair, and is now forced to wear a hot wig and all of that pales in comparison to the nightmare ahead of her. She is coming back to a town with very little tolerance for Black women or girls.

And Liz should know. In school, the only other black girl, Keisha, went into the woods for a party and never came out. Her body was found gutted like a deer, with her heart gone. And she wasn’t the first little black girl to go missing and she won’t be the last.

Liz is here to attend Mel’s wedding. Mel is white. Her husband is black and they have a daughter, Caroline.

On the day of the wedding, Caroline goes missing. All that is left is a piece of her dress covered in blood.

Is the monster still there? Is he still taking little black girls? It would seem so. A search begins as Liz digs through the town’s history. What she finds is chilling. Children have been going missing for years. All Black girls. Can she figure out what is behind this? That ending!

Oh, this story made me uncomfortable! And that isn’t a bad thing. I cried at the injustice and for all of the little girls. That is a good story.

NetGalley/October 4th, 2022 by Bantam

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