The premise of this book was promising. Especially with all of the Tech billionaires doing weird stuff at the moment. I was excited to read this one.

The plot?

Ryan Cloverhill, founder and CEO of the world’s favorite social media platform, has purchased his own island. One way in and many ways out. And he wants to share the wealth with his friends with an all-expense paid trip to the island. A weekend they won’t forget. Friends since school, the now 50-something group is about to find out some new things about their old friend!

On the second day the friends slowly wake up from an alcohol-induced fog to find they have been drugged, all of their electronics are gone and they can’t open the door. Okay, this just turned into something else entirely.

As a screen drops down and they have to find the password to unlock the rules and the supposed purpose for this.

As a couple of the friends escape and try to find out what is going on, they find they are not the only ones on the island and their “friend’ Ryan has some nasty stuff planned!

This started out promising and then I got lost in all of the tech talks and I found myself skimming through, eager for the end.

NetGalley/February 28th, 2023 Grand Central Publishing

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