From the author of one of my favorite books, The Sweet Taste of Muscadines, comes this new book from the author, Pamela Terry.

We are back in Wesleyan, Georgia and Harry Cline is dead. Maureen is also having the worst migraine ever. Unable to continue with the service, she slips out the side door only to be met with her former best friend coming to her rescue.

Her brother Macon is livid. He is not a man given to emotion but he has no patience for anyone but himself. His wife seems to be the long-suffering sort. And you know she is probably going to upset Macon’s world at some point.

The day after the funeral and there is a rare ice storm in Wesleyan. And when the townsfolk wake up the next day, the offensive statue of Confederate general Henry Benning is ruined. And not by storm.

It had been a point of contention with half the town wanting it gone and the other half wanting it to stay. Now they are angry and just mean.

Marietta has never liked the statue but Macon, a top defense attorney, is representing the man who owns the park. Macon is determined to find out who did this, however.

I loved the women in this book. Especially Macon’s wife. The quiet ones are often plotting. What a great look at how the times are changing and we find out what people really think, and sometimes that makes us like them less.

NetGalley/February 21st, 2023 by Ballantine Books

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