I am always thrilled when I receive the email from this author that her book is up on NetGalley!

On a cold and snowy day there is nothing better than the author’s stories. Thrilling, Scary, and possible, which is what makes them so scary.

Olivia and Park Bender seem to be living the dream. Careers going well, Park even has a writing side gig. Olivia owns a design firm and gives her clients everything they desire. But her one desire goes unfulfilled as she loses baby after baby. The struggles have taken a toll on thier marriage as well.

Park has been acting odd lately and Olivia is suspicious. And then one day the police show up at their door asking to see their son. From her it is all downhill. And very on topic for right now. Using genealogy to track killers and find who your real parents are can be fun and fulfilling. It can also be deadly.

A woman that they knew has been found murdered. The DNA matches Parks in a way that confirms he has been a very busy and secretive boy. Making himself look even worse are all the nasty secrets he has kept. But is he a killer? Is his son a killer?

Oh my the tangled web of lies we keep until a stiff breeze comes along and scatters them everywhere, letting everyone see who we really are. Scary.

No one does twisty, emotional and so layered thrillers like Ellison. That is all I’m saying except for this. READ IT.

NetGalley/ February 21st, 2023 by MIRA



3 responses to “IT’S ONE OF US by J.T.ELLISON (BLOG TOUR)”

  1. This sounds really good. I’ve never read Ellison but have been tempted to many times.

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