the Book of Danielle by FELIX ALEXANDER

The book begins with love letters that tell of a secret admiration that slowly turns into unrequited love. The letters eventually turn into poems. Both are areas this author excels in.

I don’t know that I have ever read so many works by the same man that all have that theme of love. Love that isn’t reciprocated. Love that comes at the wrong time or place, so many types of love this man speaks of.

These poems and letters are a letter into a soul. Someone pouring out their heart to an audience that may or may not feel the same. That is very brave. I’m not sure I can ever be that vulnerable. And that is what this is. One man, baring his heart and soul and not caring about how it is received, just feeling that pull to put it all down in a letter. Then sending it off to an unknown reception.

This is the poetry that makes you feel. You can feel the love, the pain, the uncertainty that the author felt. It is a very powerful feeling. I am not an expert in poetry and you don’t have to be to read this. If you have ever been in love you will instantly connect with this collection.

It seems appropriate that this book debuts on Valentine’s Day.

NetGalley/ February 14, 2023

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