A Greer Hogan Mystery

Greer is a librarian and an amateur detective. I think those two go wonderfully together! And now she is back with another murder! Raven Hill seems like such a lovely town, but someone has murdered one of the library board members. It’s Anita. The OCD, not very well-liked, Anita.

Plenty of suspects for this one, but then a professor turns up dead and suddenly everyone in town is a suspect!

Once Greer sticks her pert nose in the murders, things take a shocking turn. Is everyone in town hiding secrets? Some of these are really old and people still hang on to them. But what she finds is going to shock everyone, if she survives it.

Another lovely mystery featuring a librarian and I love this one!

NetGalley/ February 7th 2023. by Crooked Lane Books

2 responses to “THREE CAN KEEP a SECRET by M.E. Hilliard”

  1. Love the sound of this one and the cover is gorgeous 😍

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