Hello February! Be Kind!

Here we are already beginning February. Tomorrow the groundhog will tell us whether we can celebrate or go back into hibernation. I mean, do we really need so many weather guys on television? If the biggest weather announcement is made by a rodent? Hmmm

A lot to unpack here. It has been a long January. Doctors appointments and hospital stays. I think the doctor may be looking at a pacemaker now. Our diagnosis is Stage 3 Kidney Disease, Bone on Bone on some part of the spine, and Coronary Disease. 7 stents, 1 bypass. No, this isn’t me. It is my 43 year old husband. The only thing that I had to see the doctor about was when I was running and passed OU Boy and did a high five. He did not let go of my thumb and I kept running and said thumb did not!

After I threw up and screamed, we went to the clinic. It was swelling up bad and a tendon was popping up. They were very concerned about my thumb and my wrist. They put on a soft cast until the swelling went down and I got to say the thing! When the nurse asks, “Is anyone at home hurting you?”, and I said, ” Well, actually,” and that is when OU Boy had to take a call! But you know I told them he did it. My doctor’s response? “I don’t believe that at all. You are the same person that sliced his foot open to remove a toothpick. With a box cutter!”. I wish he could remember my medical details that well.

So this morning we are meeting with the pace maker doctor. And of all days, the one winter day where we are supposed to get storms. But I am not falling for that again. We have had no school all week, because it may snow. We had some light ice pellets, or thunder snow, and as if it couldn’t get worse, hold my teacup! Oklahoma is trying out something new for ice control. Beet Juice. That is correct. You know our roads are going to look like a crime scene!

After I messed up my hand, I also dropped my tablet in the tub on Sunday. Don’t you know Amazon had another one at my door the same day! So that’s fun.

And now a question. A lot of us are book reviewers here. What do you do if an author you have a relationship with has a book on NG, and asks you to review it? It’s not in my genre at all! As a matter of fact it is in a genre that I loathe! Romance. Love poems. Ewwww.

Stay warm! P..

8 responses to “Hello February! Be Kind!”

  1. Sorry to hear about OU Boy’s latest troubles. Take care of yourselves.
    x The Captain

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  2. That’s a lot of healthy issues for a 43 year old! Wishing him well. Hmmm…I once had a good friend ask me to edit her book. Yikes! Never doing that again. It was beyond bad. I suggested she so some major rewriting (hopefully in a kind way) and we remained friends.

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    1. Oh I’m glad to hear you remained friends. I am not sure how fragile his ego is but I’m going to be honest. And kind

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  3. I am sorry to hear about OU Boy’s health issues. Praying for all things good. You plse take care too Patty. Garfield hugs.

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  4. Sending positive energy to you both! ❤

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