The Push

Six women. All going through prenatal classes finally give birth. Monica decides to through a party for everyone to look at the babies and visit.

The party starts off very awkward and ends with a dead body.

None of these people were the least bit fond of each other so it made no sense to me why they would get together but I’m pretty sure we all knew what was up from the start.

There was every type of -ism you can think of in this one. Age, race, sex, fat shaming, the anti-vaxxers, And of course your liars. All of them are liars and it was hard to read.

This was a difficult one to read. The people were not the least bit interesting and all they did was pick at each other while smiling.

There just was nothing in here worth reading.

NetGalley/ November 12th, 2020 by Thomas & Mercer

4 responses to “THE PUSH by CLAIRE McGOWAN”

  1. Right. That was never on my list of books to read, but I think I’ll write it on just so I can cross it off.

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  2. Too bad this was such a miss, Patty. Good thing you have lots of other books to move onto.

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    1. I am afraid to even count said unread books!

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