A riveting atmospheric suspense debut that explores the dark side of a small town and asks: How can we uncover the truth when we are lying to ourselves?

Leigh O’Donnell has lost everything. Her job and her marriage. Reckless behavior seems to be her go-to.

Now she is back in her hometown in Ohio. A place it seems as if she has avoided for a long time. Even though her brother and her uncles would like her home. And home has an interesting case going on. Suspicious drownings, a triple homicide, things that could get her life back moving in a healthy direction.

But this town is bad. So many lies.

I did not care for Leigh. Not one bit. She is the type of woman I don’t care for. Running roughshod over others and I don’t think she ever evolves.

And please where in Ohio do they live? And why are they saying Y’all all the time? There was just nothing I cared to read more of.

NetGalley/January 10th, 2023 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons


  1. Haha. They live in the part of Ohio that’s in Texas!

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